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papercut-logo-125x96Walla Walla Community College is proud to announce the adoption of a new print management system called PaperCut. The college is making an effort to reduce unnecessary printing on campus as a way of being more responsible with our resources and achieve state-wide sustainability goals.

As a registered WWCC student you have many technical resources available to you on campus that in part include, computers, software programs, Internet, and printing. These services are still available to you but starting Fall Quarter of 2010 there will be a limit set on your printing.

By default, each registered student will receive a 10.00 credit per quarter for printing. Printing rates are 0.05 / page for grayscale (Black & White) and 0.50/ page for color. That is 200 free pages of black & white print per quarter. Also, it is beneficial to use the duplex option (print on both sides of the paper) where available because you receive a 10% discount for duplex printing.

A few other important notes about PaperCut print management to remember!

  • Every student has a PaperCut account that tracks their individual printing.
  • Printing credits roll-over to the next quarter until the end of Summer Quarter.
  • Additional print credits can be purchased at the Bookstore and applied to your account.
  • What about exceptions? If there is a technical problem that affects your print job then the computer lab monitor will help you with an alternate solution.

papercutLastly, you will see the PaperCut client software load any time you login to the college network and display your  print balance and looks like this:

Your PaperCut account matches your NetID login and password and you can click on the “Details” text for account information including, rates, print history,  to redeem code for adding print credits, etc.

* Please note, additional prints can be purchased from the Bookstore in $1, $5 or $20 PaperCut Re-Charge cards.  Just buy the card and redeem the card code in your PaperCut account to receive the credit.

In summary, the new WWCC print management system is a great tool for us to use as we take steps in responsibly managing our limited resources. If you have any questions – please contact the WWCC Technology Helpdesk @ 527-4357 or [email protected].