Canvas is the online learning management system used by WWCC instructors to provide you with digital copies of syllabi, course notes, handouts, media files, website links, and hosted discussion forums.

Canvas allows you to upload assignments, take quizzes, communicate with classmates, and track your grades and progress in your classes.

Computer Labs

Walla Walla Community College has 2 open computer labs in Walla Walla and one open lab in Clarkston.

The computer labs are primarily for student and faculty/staff use. Use by others is subject to the availability of PC’s and their appropriate application. Students may be required to provide proof of enrollment. Lab computers are primarily for school related work. Students using lab PC’s for other purposes may be asked to leave if there are students waiting to work on assignments.

That labs are staffed by computer lab supervisors and lab monitors who assist students in the use of computer hardware and software, enabling them to get their classwork completed. For hours and locations, click here.


ITV involves the use of large TVs and special equipment to connect two or more sites.  It supports audio and video and in some cases document sharing. Some ITV sites do not support document sharing so be sure to check before you use ITV for a meeting where it is important. For more information, click here.


PaperCut (Printing)

By default, each registered student will receive a 10.00 credit per quarter for printing. Printing rates are 0.05/page for grayscale (Black & White) and 0.50/page for color. That is 200 free pages of black & white print per quarter. Also, it is beneficial to use the duplex option (print on both sides of the paper) were available because you receive a 10% discount for duplex printing.

Additional prints can be purchased from the Bookstore in $1, $5, or $20 PaperCut Re-Charge cards. Just buy the card and redeem the card code in your PaperCut account to receive the credit.