Install Outlook mobile app 

We encourage our users when accessing their campus email via their Android mobile device, to please install the Outlook app.
  1. Open the Google Play store
  2. Select “Search for apps & games” and search for Outlook
  3. Please verify the Outlook app is from Microsoft Corporation and select Install
  4. Once the app has completed installation, select Open
  5. Select Get Started
  6. Account format needs to be entered as your [email protected]then select continue and enter your password
  7. When prompted to “Add another account” select “Maybe Later”
  8. We encourage users to “Skip” the “Focused Inbox” feature
Google play icon
google play store search
google play store search, searching outlook app
Outlook app install button
google play store outlook app open
outlook app get started
outlook app enter email address
outlook app setup add another account
outlook app focused inbox setup, skip