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Systems you Can Access Using Your WWCC NetID Account

Below is a list of some of the primary systems that you can access using your WWCC NetID account.

  • Microsoft Office 365 (Email)
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Financial Aid Portal
  • WWCC Secure Wireless
  • Campus Computers

For new students, we create a unique email address and ID for you after you have first registered for classes. That email address will be used to access various resources offered by the campus such as network computers and, of course, as your student email username. Your NetID will be used when activating your account and will grant access to some of our systems.  However, using your student email as a username for our systems should be standard.

Students that have been attending or are still recent in our system will experience no change in how they log into systems for the time being and will still use their NetID.  The only exception to this is Canvas, for which, you will now need to use your CTCLink ID and Password to get in.

Washington State Community College System SID

SIDYour SID credential is used to access many services offered by the college.  The term SID may be used interchangeably with the term NetID as these two IDs have historically been identical.

  • What is my SID?
    A WWCC Student Identification Number (SID) enables you to access a wide variety of computing resources at WWCC.