Mission Statement – “IT’s all about you”

Walla Walla Community College’s Technology Services Department provides a wide range of support, services and products to meet the mission and goals of the entire college as well as individual departments – instructional and non-instructional.

The “IT” in the Technology Services’ Mission Statement is an acronym for Information Technology. The sentiment is a genuine reflection of the strong customer service attitude in the Technology Services Department. When something is important to the mission and goals of your department or the college, it is important to Technology Services as well.

Functions the Technology Department Support

  • Internet access
  • Backing up all data
  • ITV: Interactive Television
  • Telephone setup & support
  • College web server content
  • Desktop computers for faculty & staff
  • Email setup & support for staff & student
  • System developed applications: FMS Query
  • Data & telephone wiring: New data & phone jacks
  • Open and instructional computer labs & software
  • Locally developed applications: OCA, Ed Plans, & OLA
  • Campus digital security: virus scanning software, firewalls, etc.
  • Database, file, & print servers, including data backup & restoration
  • Login accounts & passwords for all computer & telephone systems
  • Administrative software for payroll, financial, student management & financial aid

Helpdesk – (509) 527-4357 (HELP)