Admission Policy & Procedures for underage students (under age 18)

The Walla Walla Community College Board of Trustees passed an Underage Admission Policy in July 2003. This policy applies to all WWCC students under the age of eighteen who are not enrolled in programs designed for their age group (i.e., Running Start, Alternative Education Program, or Tech Prep). Even though the student may have previously taken courses at WWCC, the procedure for acceptance and registration is required on a quarter-by-quarter basis.

Summer Quarter Only

Underage students wanting admission for summer quarter only through the Walla Walla campus are required to meet with the Director of High School Programs and bring a summer letter/form/email form from their high school counselor or principal. The summer referral letter or email should include 1) an acknowledgement that the student is choosing to self-pay for a class and 2) identify the course equivalent and the amount of credit that will be awarded for completion of the course at the college. Please contact the High School Programs Office, 509.527.4324 for an appointment and bring the form or letter to the appointment.

Underage students who have earned a high school diploma or GED are exempt from this policy. Students should provide a copy of the diploma or GED certificate to the Office of Admissions and Records.

Three separate forms are required to gain underage admission to WWCC:

Download the three forms above, complete them, and call for an appointment with the Director of High School Programs at the Walla Walla Campus, 509.527.4324, or the Student Services Coordinator on the Clarkston Campus, 509.758.1718.


Susan Pearson

Dean of Transitional Studies & High School Programs
[email protected]
(509) 527-4265

Heather Markwalter (Clarkston Campus)

Student Services – Running Start Coordinator
[email protected]