WWCC students can request accommodations by contacting Bobbie Sue Arias, Ph.D. at the Office of Disability Support Services or [email protected]. Clarkston campus contact Heather Markwalter, Student Services or [email protected].

  • Identify as a person with a disability to the Coordinator of Disability Support Services.
  • Complete an accommodation request form. Assistance is available to complete the form.
  • Provide supporting documentation that addresses your disability and how the disability substantially limits your access to the educational environment. Download and print this form that outlines the information that is required from your qualified professional
  • The Coordinator of Disability Support Services will review the information and suggest accommodations based on your request, the information you provide during the interview process, supporting documentation you submit and your educational pursuits and courses. Accommodation are individually determined through a collaborative process each quarter.
  • Once accommodations have been determined for a course, a letter is issued to the instructor listing the accommodations.
  • The student contacts the instructor and presents the letter of accommodation.  This can be done at a mutually convenient and private appointed time.  On-line students can communicate with instructors through the Canvas system or by sending the letter through the mail. The student and instructor discuss how the accommodations are implemented.   If requested, the Coordinator of Disability Support Services will meet with the faculty member and student to determine a feasible way to provide the accommodation.
  • Students are encouraged to make an appointment with the Coordinator of DSS before the beginning of each quarter and at any time there is a concern about an accommodation.
  • Accommodations for online courses can be arranged by contacting the Coordinator of DSS by phone or email.