Optional first step: Informational meeting with Disability Support Services. Please contact your campus DSS representative


Walla Walla Campus Clarkston Campus
Kristen Duede, LICSW
Disability Support Services Coordinator
Phone: (509)527-4543
TTY: (509)527-4412
Email: [email protected]
Schedule an Appointment Online
Heather Markwalter
Student Affairs Coordinator/Retention Specialist
Phone: (509) 758-1721
TTY: (509) 527-4412
Email: [email protected]


Preparation for Intake appointment & accommodation requests:


During your intake appointment:

  • DSS will Assess Specific and Reasonable accommodations for documented disability (additional appointment may be necessary if documentation is insufficient or incomplete)
  • Upon successful completion of required forms with verification in place, DSS Coordinator will Complete Letter of Accommodation/Intent (LOAs)
  • Letters of Accommodation will be sent electronically to Instructors, Testing Center (if needed) & Student Email account
  • After Intake appointment: Student must meet with instructors to discuss LOAs (follow instructor protocol for scheduling appointments). This step will be completed each quarter.



Additional Processes that may be required or necessary:

  • Check out equipment (recorders, chairs, magnification devices, headphones, spellers, etc.)
  • Sign optional agreements (note takers, recording lectures, etc.)
  • Follow up with DSS required each subsequent quarter for accommodations