Contact the WWCC Business Office at 509.527.4208 to:

  • Get amount owed
  • Pay by credit card over the phone
  • Learn about other payment options

Pay with Credit Card

  • You will need your SID and Global PIN to pay by Credit Card

Automatic Payment Plan

  • You will need your SID and amount owed.
  • Amount owed can be retrieved by:
    • Calling the Business Office at 509.527.4208
    • Logging into the Credit Card Payment page with your SID and PIN. (After logging in you will see a page with your amount owed.)
  • You can login to setup an Automatic Payment Plan by loggin into MyWWCC 0 Clicking MyWWCC Home link on the top-left corner – followed by clicking the Financial tab. There you will be given the choice to make payments using the Automatic Payment Plan.
  • Click here for more information about the Automatic Payment Plan