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Walla Walla Community College delivers your refund with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. For more information about BankMobile Disbursements, visit this link:

To view our third-party servicer contract for refund management, click here.

Walla Walla Community College has partnered with BankMobile* Disbursements to deliver your financial aid refund. For more information about BankMobile, visit this link:


To view our institution’s contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customers Bank, click here.

  • ACH/Direct Deposit – Deposit refunds into your existing personal checking or savings account. WWCC wires funds to BankMobile two business days after the refund posts on the student account. Your bank will reflect the deposit in an additional one or two business days.
  • BankMobile Vibe – Money is deposited to this checking account the same business day that BankMobile receives the funds from WWCC. This wire occurs two business days after the refund posts on the student account.
  • Paper check sent by US Mail


The Bank Mobile Vibe account is one of the most student-friendly accounts available on the market. The new account will have no monthly fee for students, no inactivity fee, no overdraft fees, no point-of-sale/PIN fees, no teller withdrawal fees, no check ordering fees, and no fee to talk to a customer service agent. In fact the account will only carry three fees:

  • $2.50 for using an out-of-network ATM (outside of the new network of 55,000 ATMs)
  • $25 for a wire transfer
  • $10 to replace a bank card


higherone packet

After applying for financial aid, new students will receive a refund selection kit (information about selecting a refund option) BankMobile Disbursements in the mail. The personal code enclosed is used to select the refund preference that best fits your needs at Refunds can be excess grants/scholarships or student loans.

Follow the instructions in the kit to select your refund option.

Even though you might not be expecting a refund, do not throw the refund selection kit away…you may receive a refund in the future. It is encouraged that ALL students select a refund preference immediately after receipt so they will not have to make a selection in the future.

If you do not receive your kit or need a replacement card, please contact the WWCC business office at 509.527.4201.

Returning Student Information:

OneAccount holders can choose to close their account or be transitioned to the new BankMobile Vibe account which will have less fees associated with it. Your WWCC Debit card will remain fully functional for use and won’t need to be replaced until the card’s expiration date.

To find the locations closest to you, visit and enter your zip code.

*View WWCC/BankMobile contract and amendment.