Office of the President

Focused on Student Success


Thank you for visiting the Walla Walla Community College website. As you explore all Chad-Hickox- profilethat WWCC has to offer, I hope you’ll agree that our College is a special place – brimming with opportunity and with student success at the core of our mission.

I am impressed every day by the quality and dedication of our faculty and staff and I am deeply humbled by the talent and resiliency of our students. I’m thankful for the local partnerships, organizations, and individuals who support this work.

I’m confident you will feel welcome on any of our campuses. You will discover a diverse and multi-faceted group. WWCC serves approximately 3,650 students in our academic and workforce programs. Approximately 60 percent of WWCC students attend full-time; more than half receive some form of financial aid; about a quarter of our students are Latinx, and the median age of our student body is 23.

As President, it’s important to me that Walla Walla Community College truly reflects the communities we serve. In the 2020-21 academic year, the College will engage in long-range strategic planning to ensure that we are offering the workforce programs and academic degrees our students need and the graduates that local and regional employers are eager to hire.

Whether you get to know us virtually or in person, please know that WWCC is here to serve you.




Chad E. Hickox