The Walla Walla Community College Libraries serve as a center for learning and engagement. Through access to curated and responsive resources and services, collaborative cross-campus relationships, and outreach activities the Libraries foster a culture of inquiry and care that seeks to promote scholarship, a sense of efficacy and belonging, engagement, creative and critical thinking, cultural awareness, and community. Remaining current in our professional practice and committed to our student centered values, we make evidence based, inclusive decisions that enhance our campus community’s opportunity for intellectual discovery and lifelong learning via responsible resource stewardship and exceptional service that connects people with knowledge.


  • anticipate and provide access to the resources and tools students and instructor need to enhance teaching and learning;
  • promote fluency with information literacy and educational technology;
  • provide comfortable, safe library spaces conducive to study, inspiration, collaboration, and reflection;
  • contribute leadership and direction in information policy issues such as fair use, intellectual freedom, privacy, and access to information;
  • interact with students, faculty, and staff for improved feedback, communication, and information flow.