Use these handy tools to help you through your research process. Currently enrolled students who need further assistance may visit the campus librarians during open hours or click here for 24/7 access to a librarian via live, online chat. Also, students who need writing help may visit the Tutoring and Learning Center on the Walla Walla campus.

Citation Guides

Citation Tools

Research/Writing/Style Tutorials

  • IRIS 4-2 – Research can be confusing. Sometimes you need a little help, whether it be getting started or getting past certain hurdles. The information & Research Suite (IRIS) provides tutorial modules for each stage for the research process. IRIS is designed to help the researcher find, use, and convey information efficiently and effectively with proper citations.
  • Quoting, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing – What’s the difference? if you don’t know, you may be plagiarizing without realizing it!
  • Evaluating Sources Handout – Do you believe everything you hear or read? You shouldn’t! This document will help you determine the relevance, credibility, bias, currency, and accuracy of an information source.
  • QUT CITE/WRITE – Citation helps and writing tutorials (including a tutorial on writing literature reviews).
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab – Academic writing, creative writing, job search writing – you name it – OWL has tools to help you through every aspect of the writing process, including grammar and citation help.

Plagiarism Checker

  • – This handy tool allows you to check yourself for plagiarism BEFORE you turn in your paper. Remember, if you don’t catch it, your instructor will!