Use this guide to find research on the web about World War I and World War II.

ww1World War I

  • National Archives WWI: This is a nice collection of original documents related to WWI.
  • National Archives WWI ALIC: This page includes links to information on propaganda, photographs, war posters and a myriad of other useful sites on WWI.
  • Library of Congress Guide to WWI: This collection of resources, all owned by the Library of Congress, includes photography, readings, newspaper articles and other resources that will help you see what people were thinking, seeing and doing during WWI.
  • Veterans’ History Project: This is a series of collections of personal documents shared by families of WWI Veterans.

World War II

  • Library of Congress Web Guide: A strong collection of resources from the Library of Congress including links to interviews, oral histories, photographs, original documents and archives. This is a great place to look for era-specific information, visual aids and first-hand accounts of events during WWII.
  • The National Archives: This US Government website is a great place to find original documents, official government information from WWII, and advice on finding out about individual soldiers.
  • The Avalon Project: The Yale Law School keeps the Avalon Project, which is a collection of documents pertaining to law, history and diplomacy. It’s mostly official government documents if your project leans that way this is a valuable resource.
  • Letters from WWII Online: This is a very simple webpage hosting hundreds of letters written by soldiers to their loved ones at home.
  • WWII Archives: The WWII Archives site is a great place to begin finding online research on WWII.
  • Rutgers Oral History Archives: This collection of interviews from people of many different historical eras is a great place to find out what the common soldier was thinking and experiencing during WWII.