Walla Walla Community College does not have on-campus housing or a housing director.
The information below has been compiled to assist students in locating housing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Welcome Center at 509.522.2500.

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Complex Name
Phone Number
 Birchway Apartments  248 E Birch Street  509.529.0213
 Blue Mountain View Apartments  150 S Wilbur Avenue  509.522.0447
 Brockway Manor  205 Brock Street  509.529.2512
 Centennial West Apartments  1501 W Rose Street  509.525.2247
 Clinton Court Apartments  602 Boyer Avenue  509.525.0820
 Kingsgate East Apartments  625 Wellington Avenue  509.529.3796
 Lion’s Gate Apartments  2222 E Isaacs Avenue  509.293.5066
 Mardis Manor Complex  433 Washington Street  509.525.4944
 St. Moritz Apartments, JH Properties  410 Chase Avenue  509.525.2239
 South Wilbur Apartments  135 S Wilbur Avenue  509.529.9451
 Stonecreek Apartments  1821 Plaza Way  509.526.7650
 Suncrest Apartments  1800 Evergreen Street  509.522.1371
 Village Apartments  1950 Melrose Street  509.529.0018
 Washington Apartments  2 East Birch Street  509.529.1855
 Woodland Apartments  205 Woodland Avenue  509.529.2512
Business Name
Phone Number
 Choice Property Management  38 E Main St Ste 108  509.524.8302
 Coldwell Banker First Relators  218 W Main Street  509.525.0820
 Walla Walla Housing Authority  501 Cayuse Street  509.527.4542
 Welcome Home Properties  314 N 2nd Ave  509.525.1040
 Windermere Property Management  20 E Poplar Street, Ste 204B  509.526.7368
Complex Name
Phone Number
 Fern Apartments  College Place, WA  509.522.9459
 Washington Park Apartments  Milton-Freewater, OR  541.938.7447
 Pioneer Commons  Milton-Freewater, OR  541.938.4929
 Sunnydrive Apartments & Motel  College Place, WA  509.522.3415

Questions for student renters to think about before renting:


A lease is a binding contract. You should be familiar with the terms of your lease and what the law requires of you and your landlord to avoid problems. Fail to abide by the terms of your lease and you’ll form a bad tenant history which will make it difficult to rent in the future.

  • Is the lease for an academic or a calendar year?
  • If it’s a 12-month contract, can you sublet the apartment in the summer if necessary?
  • Are there extra fees for additional roommates?
  • What happens if you break the lease? Is there a fine?
  • Are pets allowed?

Rent and Utilities

  • How much is the monthly rent? When is the rent due?
  • Does the rent include heat, water and gas? How much do utilities typically cost per month?
  • Is the apartment furnished? Is there an option to pay more to get furniture?
  • Are there hook-up fees you will have to pay?
  • Are garages, parking and storage spaces included?
  • What about appliances (dishwasher, disposal, etc.)?
  • Where are the laundry facilities? Do they cost extra?


  • If you have roommates, are you each responsible for your own share of the rent, or will you be expected to cover costs if one of the roommates doesn’t pay?
  • Will you each have a specific bill to pay on top of rent? Ex: heat, water, gas
  • If the apartment is unfurnished, which roommate will supply what furniture?
  • Does each roommate sign the lease?

Security Deposit

You will probably have to pay the landlord a security deposit, which will be used to pay for damages to the apartment when you move out. Usually your landlord will have to provide a list of damages, the repairs needed to fix them, and written evidence, such as invoices or bills, indicating the costs. If repair expenses exceed your security deposit, your landlord can sue you for the additional costs. Your landlord must return the balance of the deposit once all repairs have been made.

  • How much is the security deposit? When will you get your deposit back?
  • As the tenant, what do you need to do to make sure that you get back your entire deposit?
  • Is there an additional deposit for keys or pets?