Our Vision

The Hispanic Caucus is a group of faculty and staff dedicated to supporting WWCC’s commitment to equitable and innovative learning opportunities by building a strong community dedicated to student success.

Our Mission

The active engagement of our Hispanic/Latino staff, faculty, and partners will foster in our students a strong cultural and linguistic connection to our college and give them confidence that the resources we provide will sustain and support them in achieving their dreams.


Student Success

  • To model and inspire our students to consider professional lives of service and education as reachable goals for them and their families.
  • To involve students in the planning of programs, workshops, and cultural events to inspire in them a commitment not only to WWCC, but also to their own futures.
  • Our students need teachers, champions, and mentors. We see our caucus helping our students to find people to fill those roles during their time at WWCC.
  • We know that those students we guide and empower will, in turn, serve as powerful mentors and teachers to the generations of students who come after them.

Strong Communities

  • To strengthen our campus community by making visible to our students our Hispanic/Latino staff and faculty who can help guide students as they navigate their educational choices and think about their future paths.
  • To create new academic partnerships for our faculty, learning avenues for our students, and networking opportunities for our staff.
  • To be a key partner in expanding our college’s relationship to our greater Northwest community. We will do this by reaching out to our alumni, friends, and family to cultivate a community network and develop a forum in which students, faculty, and staff can learn from the experiences, wisdom, and knowledge of this diverse group.

Resource Stewardship

  • We aim to build on the work of our faculty and staff by providing concrete opportunities to share our collective knowledge and first-hand stories about the challenges and opportunities facing Hispanic/Latino people in the Pacific Northwest today.
  • We also strive to be engaged with regional and national conversations about issues of relevance to the Hispanic/Latino community and to ensure that our local work in informed by broader national trends and aligns with best practices.
  • Our college is also a resource that alumni and community members can always tap into: our faculty and staff are valuable resources that can help businesses and professionals innovate as the economic, social, and cultural landscape shifts.