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Roxana Gaytan [email protected]
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Angelica CanMargarita BanderasDirector of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Ecuador Flag

I came to Walla Walla almost 20 years ago as an international student from Ecuador to attend Whitman College, where I got my BA in Art History and Visual Culture Studies. Post-graduation, I stayed working at Whitman in different roles that develop my passion for working with students in higher ed. After receiving my MS in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University, I have focused my efforts in equity and social justice work in higher education. My passion for this work stems from my own experience and from supporting students who have felt like they don’t belong. If we want educational opportunities to be truly available to all students, we need to recognize those who haven’t been traditionally included in our structure and work intentionally to remove barriers to access and success for all.
I live in Walla Walla with my spouse, our two children, and our energetic dog.

Contact Information:
Phone: 509.394.6407
Email: [email protected]
Angelica CanAngelica CanAllied Health Program Assistant

Guatemala Flag

I emigrated from Guatemala in 1992.  After working 3 years in the canning industry I needed a change of employment. I enrolled at Walla Walla Community College in Fall 2001. I received an AA Degree in Accounting in 2004. While I was a student, I started working at WWCC in the Transitional Studies Department as a work-study. From 2004 -2008, I worked full time for Transitional studies as an Office Assistant. Since 2008, I have been working in the Allied Health and Safety Education Department as the Program Assistant.  I reside in Touchet with my kids and four dogs (this is after never wanting to have pets).

Contact Information:
Phone: 509.527.4589
Email: [email protected]
Holly CranstonHolly CranstonOpportunity Grant Coordinator & Academic Advisor

Puerto Rican Flag

I have a Bachelor of Arts in English, with a Minor in Sociology and plan to begin work on a Master’s degree in the near future. I am a member of the Diversity Committee and Hispanic Caucus here at WWCC and have some proficiency in Spanish.

I have been working in Higher Education for nearly 15 years, beginning at Eastern Oregon University (also my alma mater). Now as an Academic Advisor at WWCC, I feel that I have found my true calling. Assisting and supporting students in pursuing their dreams, both academic and beyond, is my personal dream fulfilled.

I live in Walla Walla with my spouse and our two children, a dog, a cat, and a gecko named Bob.

Contact Information:
Phone: 509.524.5191
Email: [email protected]
Sandra GrahamSandra Gonzalez Graham, MSN Ed (Master of Science in Nursing – Specializatin in Healthcare Education), Nursing Assistant Coordinator/Transcultural Healthcare Specialist

I have worked in health care since 1977 first as a nursing assistant. I received my nursing assistant training from WWCC.  In 1984, I graduated as a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor’s degree from Walla Walla University.  My life experience living on the both the east and west side of Washington State as a bilingual and bicultural member of the community has influenced my career choices.

Currently my title at WWCC is Nursing Assistant Coordinator and Transcultural Support Specialist. The favorite part of my job is to work with students whose English speaking skills are emerging.  My work here at WWCC allows me to mentor students entering the healthcare work force. I am also a Certified Spanish Medical Interpreter and own a business called “La Bilingüe Interpreter Services.

On a more personal level, I share a home with my two college-age children and my husband in Walla Walla Washington my hometown. As part of the sandwich generation, I have one living parent (my father) who is one of the most active octogenarians I know. My parents received their adult basic education in 1967 from WWCC. The first year WWCC opened their doors. For my parents this was a huge accomplishment since they had minimal opportunity to go to school. My father finished 3rd grade and my mother finished the sixth. Needless to say, WWCC has been the catalyst that has transformed our lives.

Contact Information:
Phone: 509.527.4462
Email: [email protected]
Denise OrtizDenise Ortiz, English Instructor

Denise Ortiz is full-time faculty at WWCC in English where she teaches Writing, Literatures, and Humanities. Born in California, Denise was raised in the mountains of Oregon, and has continued to live and work in the West her whole life, mostly in Washington and Idaho. Her degrees, including two Master’s Degrees, are from Eastern Oregon University, WSU, and the U. of Colorado; she is currently working on a Ph.D. in Servant Leadership and Social Justice at Gonzaga U.  Denise has also worked for the American Red Cross and University of Idaho in Forestry, which is why she likes to write poetry about trees . . .and help to make a better world for ALL lives!

Contact Information:
Phone: 509.527.4333
Email: [email protected]
Melissa RodriguezMelissa RodriguezDirector of Outreach

Puerto Rican Flag

I’m a proud Boricua and proud graduate of Walla Walla Community College’s Nursing Assistant and Cosmetology programs. I went on to achieve my Bachelor’s in Communication from Cal State University San Marcos as a Member of Lamda Pi Eta, the communication studies honors society. I have work experience in journalism, healthcare administration, quality assurance, sales and marketing, and started working at WWCC in a secretarial role. I’ve lived all over the United States including New York, Tennessee, Texas, California, Washington and Puerto Rico and have recently decided to make Walla Walla my forever home. Working at the College gives me fantastic opportunities to advocate for students, faculty, and staff of color and to be an agent of change. ¡Despierta de ese sueño, que es hora de luchar!

Contact Information:
Phone: 509.527.4579
Email: [email protected]
corrina whitehurst profileCorinna WhitehurstSecretary Senior for Continuing Education, Welcome Center, & Title III Grant

I am the first person in my family to graduate from college.  Even though continuing my education became difficult at times, it was important to finish college for myself and for my Mom who was unable to attend college due to family needs.  I graduated in 2012 from Cuesta College with an online AS degree in Library Information Technology, earning all of my general education credits here on the WWCC campus.  I have worked at WWCC since 2009 and enjoy working in an academic institution where I can make a difference by assisting and interacting with students.  I live in Walla Walla with my husband and two daughters.  We also share our home with our two cats and a chinchilla.

Contact Information:
Phone: 509.527.4331
Email: [email protected]

Nadine Stecklein Profile PictureNadine Stecklein, Director of Student Life


I was  born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and moved to Walla Walla in 2018. I am a first generation college student. My father was born in Zacatecas, Mexico and my mother is Puerto Rican. I’m a proud MexiRican! I’m passionate about enhancing the student experience at WWCC. If you want to learn more about how to get involved at WWCC, let me know. I live with my husband and my very active pup, a German Shepherd/ Chow Chow named Lou.

Contact Information:
Phone: 509.540.6660
Email: [email protected]
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