Professional Technical Dual Credit

An opportunity to obtain no cost college credit while still in high school

Tech Prep is a cooperative effort between K-12 schools, community, and technical colleges, and the business community to develop applied integrated academic and technical programs.

Each of the state’s Tech Prep consortia have developed competency-based articulation agreements between high schools and colleges that assist students in transitioning from high school into post-secondary professional-technical programs.  Based on locally approved articulation agreements, colleges award credit to currently enrolled high school students who successfully complete college-equivalent courses with a “B” grade or better.

Typically, all coursework is taught on the high school campuses by high school instructors.  Instruction is aligned to meet specific course competency requirements established by the participating college.


No fees are charged for receiving college credit through the tech prep articulation process.  Admissions, registration and tuition fees are waived for this category of student.

Advantages of Tech Prep

Students can…

  • Earn college credit while still in high school
  • Ease transition to college
  • Save money on tuition, books and lab fees
  • Gain valuable occupational skills and related work experience
  • Begin training for high paying careers
  • Establish connections with the business or industry of their choice
  • Graduate from college early


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