WWCC Welcomes Concurrent Enrollment Partners

Our local school districts know that providing their high school students the opportunity to take college credit-bearing courses helps those students transition from high school to college more often and more successfully. National reports speak to those trends. In addition to our robust Running Start program, WWCC is pleased to partner with you for Career & Technical Education (CTE) Dual Credit, as well as College in the High School for academic transfer. Primarily, we articulate courses that give students the best possible advantage: they satisfy the state’s graduation requirements for high school, and are listed in the Washington 45 as the courses “most likely to transfer” to a Washington college or university.

Concurrent enrollment is a low-cost, scalable model for bringing college courses to students in urban, suburban, and rural high schools. Students gain exposure to the academic challenges of college while in their supportive high school environment, earning transcripted college credit at the time they successfully pass the course, not after passing a high-stakes test. If your district is awarded the iGrant, eligible juniors and seniors can take classes using those funds. Additional courses, as well as courses taken by 10th grade students, are offered at the reduced rate of $65.00 per credit, or $325.00 for a 5-credit class.

Walla Walla Community College is committed to honoring the defining criteria of our accrediting body, the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP). Their language is simple: a collaborative, collegial partnership between the high school and college is the hallmark of a successful College in the High School program. Our dedication to assigning every CiHS teacher a WWCC faculty liaison means we value the close collaboration between high school teachers and college faculty, fostering alignment of secondary and postsecondary curriculum.

Please contact us to discuss how an articulation for College in the High School courses may augment your current dual credit offerings. Our email is [email protected], and you can reach us by phone at 509-529-5553. We look forward to speaking with you about how WWCC many help your students pursue rigorous, college coursework while still in high school.

Sources: NACEP, OSPI and SBCTC websites