Our Commitment to CiHS Instructors: An Ongoing Collegial Partnership

At its essence, College in the High School is about allowing students to accelerate their academic studies without sacrificing their high school experience.  As an educator, you know that students thrive when they are working at a pace they can handle with the support of trusted teachers and administrators.  Helping all students see that they can be successful in post-secondary education, whether in the trades or academic lanes, is a goal we are all passionate about achieving.  College in the High School may help you bring those opportunities to your local district. 

Our administrators, coordinator and faculty are committed to providing you the support, professional development, and collegial partnership necessary to augment your skills and knowledge as you deliver college classes in your high school classroom.  Our charge is this: to ensure CiHS concurrently-enrolled students receive an equivalent experience to students on the college campus.  We will help you with the framework, learning outcomes, assignments & assessments, and college-appropriate expectations for rigor, grading and performance/behavior.  Our faculty liaisons assist you from onboarding through the end of the course.  We are here to ensure you and your students have the greatest chances of success in your college class. 

High School Teachers Benefit from CiHS Articulations 

  • Secondary instructors are paired with WWCC faculty liaisons who assist with course instructional methodology, curriculum development, assessment, and supplemental materials. 
  • A collegial partnership between the secondary instructor and faculty liaison is formed through dialog, annual on-site classroom visits, and professional development opportunities.
  • Secondary instructors are building their students’ capacity and confidence as they prepare them for higher education.  
  • Instructors are continuing their efforts to develop and maintain high quality education standards. 

How You Can Teach CiHS Courses 

  1. Partner with your principal and superintendent to explore whether College in the High School will fit into your dual credit line-up.  Wondering which courses are the best fit for dual credit?  We recommend the Washington 45, a list of courses that most easily transfer to Washington colleges and universities. 
  2. Contact us at [email protected] or 509-529-5553 to set up an appointment. 
  3. Complete the faculty application and determine which courses you’d like to teach. 
  4. We will meet with you, review credentials, and discuss how we can partner for dual credit opportunities in your discipline.