Established in 2019, Walla Walla Community College’s Governance Council has brought together students, employees, and representatives from each campus to serve as an advisory board on college-wide issues.  The Council’s primary role is to facilitate participation in the overall governance of the College.  The Council functions as a conduit of information between the President, Executive Leadership Team, and our college community.  We accomplish this through regular communications with our constituent groups, and by providing recommendations to ELT that are based on the feedback we receive from various meetings, surveys, and discussions.  Together, we are addressing issues such as budget cuts, communications, campus culture, and strategic planning.

Governance Council is proud to include three students, classified and exempt staff, full-time and adjunct instructors, college administrators, and representatives from Clarkston Campus and our Re-Entry Education programs at Coyote Ridge Corrections Center and Washington State Penitentiary.  Beginning in January of 2021, Hispanic Caucus also holds a seat on the council as our largest interest group on campus.  Any employee or student in good standing can apply to fill one of the available seats, and the strength of our Council lies in the diversity of opinions, backgrounds and perspectives we bring to the table.  To learn more, participate in a meeting, or request consideration of a topic, please reach out to any member of Governance Council, as listed on our Appointed Members page.

The Governance Council is seeking new members for the 2021-2022 academic year.