What is the difference between my Global PIN and my quarterly PIN?

Your Global PIN (Personal Identification Number) is used to access general information about yourself such as grades, financial aid records and unofficial transcripts from the WWCC website. Your global PIN number is initially assigned as your date of birth in six digits (MMDDYY).

Your Quarterly PIN, which can be obtained through your assigned advisor, is a number allowing you to register for, add and drop classes each quarter. This number changes each quarter.

How do I get a transcript?

To access your unofficial transcript, or request a copy of your official transcript, click here. Official transcripts have a $10.00 processing fee, $15.00 for same day service.

What is the cost of tuition and fees?

Tuition and fees vary depending on how many credits you are enrolled for, and whether you’re a Washington resident or not. For an approximate cost, based on credits and residency, click here. Books, supplies, and tools are an additional cost, depending on classes and program.

When is tuition due? Who do I contact to find out how much I owe?

Tuition is due 10 days before the first day of each quarter.  You can contact the Business Services office at 509.527.4204

How long do I have to withdraw and still get a 100% refund?

You have until the 5th business day of the academic quarter to withdraw and receive a 100% refund for credit courses. Click here for the last day to drop for each quarter. WAOL courses may have different dates.

Do I have to enroll full-time to receive financial aid?

You do not have to be enrolled full time (12 or more credits) to receive aid. However, if you enroll for less than full time, your grant award may be pro-rated for part time attendance. Your student loan amount remains the same as long as you enroll and complete at least 6 credits. If you have a student loan and enroll for less than 6 credits, you will not be eligible for the loan portion of your financial aid. However, you may still be eligible and able to receive a small amount of grant aid. For more information concerning financial aid, click here.

What is the application fee at Walla Walla Community College?

Nothing, it’s FREE!!

When and how do I get my Student Identification Number?

When you apply for admission, you will be assigned a 9 digit student ID number. It is not your social security number. To apply, click here.

How and when can I start using my student email account?

24 hours after a student enrolls, their email account is generated. For more information and instructions on how to log into your student email, click here.

How will I know if I've completed my certificate or degree?

Print a degree audit and take it to a meeting with your assigned advisor. If you have questions or concerns about your degree audit, request an official evaluation by completing and submitting a transcript evaluation request.

How do I get my degree posted on my transcript?

You must complete and submit a degree application to the Office of Admissions and Records one to two quarters prior to your anticipated graduation date. It is critical to provide the correct quarter of graduation, permanent address, and name you wish to appear on your diploma.

When will I receive my diploma indicating my completed degree or certificate?

You will receive your diploma approximately 6-8 weeks after the end of your final quarter.

When is the graduation ceremony/commencement at WWCC?

The graduation ceremony and reception is held the weekend prior to the end of spring quarter. Students graduating during other quarters are welcome to participate. Please note that participation in the graduation ceremony does not imply that a degree or certificate will be awarded. Final verification is made by the Credentials Evaluator in the Office of Admissions and Records.

Who do I see if I have questions about transferring to another college or university?

Make an appointment to meet with your advisor or go to the Advising & Counseling Center in Walla Walla or the Student Services office in Clarkston.

Is there childcare available on campus?

Bright Beginnings is available on the Walla Walla campus and Tender Care Child Care center is available on the Clarkston campus. The Child Care centers are open weekdays for children from one month to five years old.

Where can I go for help planning my career?

Walla Walla Campus: Advising & Counseling Center, Bldg D room 133

Clarkston Campus: Career information is available in the Student Affairs office.

Both provide career planning and resume assistance to students at WWCC

Career Services Website

Who can I contact if I am having computer Log in issues?

Contact the IT Help Desk at 509.527.4357 located in building D, first floor, room 77.

Who can I contact if I am having CANVAS issues?

Contact the eLearning at 509.527.5145 located in building D, second floor Library.  

What does mandatory advising mean?

Once you have completed your first quarter, you will be assigned an Advisor.  Each quarter you must meet with your assigned advisor who will release your quarterly registration pin.

Specific programs for example Culinary or Cosmetology will have a faculty advisor.  The Advising & Counseling Center located in Building D, first floor room 133 can assist you in locating your assigned advisor or you can call 509.527.4262.

Do I have to take a placement test?

Depending on what you provide (upload) on your Placement Survey online will determine whether you need to schedule a test.  The Testing Center will review all of your unofficial documents to determine this.  If you should need a placement test, you will receive instructions from them on how to sign up.  The placement test is free.  For more information please call 509.527.4267 or www.wwcc.edu/placement.

How do I sign up for the WWCC placement test?

If you need a placement test, you will receive instructions from the Testing Center on how to sign up.  The placement test is free.  Please contact the Testing Center directly if you have any questions at 509.527.4267.

Where do I go get Disability Support Services (DSS) at Walla Walla Community College?

To request accommodations due to a disability, contact the Coordinator of Disability Support Services

Walla Walla campus:  Students can schedule appointments at the Advising & Counseling Center in the main building, first floor room 133 or by calling, 509.527.4262.
Clarkston Campus:  Students can schedule appointments at the Student Affairs counter, or by calling 509.758.1701.

For more information go to WWCC Disability Support Services website

How can I update my address and phone number?

You can update your address by contacting the Office of Admissions and Registration located in building D the main building on the first floor room 135 or by calling 509.524.5168.

You can update your phone number by logging into MyWWCC.  We encourage every student keep their phone number updated in order to receive Emergency or Non-Emergency notifications.