What Is the Online College Administrator (OCA)?

The Online College Administrator (OCA) was developed by Walla Walla Community College to allow instructors and staff members to enter course information, course syllabi, course assessment plans, department information, and degree information. Some of this information can also be accessed by students and the public through the WWCC web site, allowing current and prospective students to plan their educations.

Instructors and the OCA 

All WWCC faculty members have access to the OCA.  Instructors use the OCA to upload a syllabus, view the master course outline, write an assessment plan, provide an assessment response, and make budget requests for each of the courses they teach.

Faculty members are responsible for using the OCA to upload the following information for each class they teach:

  • A Syllabus
  • One Assessment Plan
  • One Assessment Plan Review

To access the OCA please log in to CCNET and find the icon for the OCA. You will be automatically logged into the OCA.

For more information about using the OCA, planning assessment plans or uploading a syllabus please contact the Faculty Support Center.