A Master Course Outline (MCO) is the way that our institution shows which learning outcomes will be met in the courses that we teach. By using the MCO we are able to share our goals for our students with our community and accrediting body.  It is important that each class at WWCC meet the intended learning outcomes outline in the MCO.

As a faculty member, you must identify and use the outcomes in the MCO for your course. To find your MCO use the Online College Catalog. Locate the department that you will be teaching for and select the link for the department’s “course listing.” Find and select your course from the list.

The MCO will share the title of the course, the number of credit hours students will earn, how many lecture and lab hours are associated with the course, provide a description of the course and share both learning outcomes and course topics. When you plan your course you should use this as an ultimate planning document. Remember, you are required to help your students meet the intended learning outcomes.

It is a good idea to plan your lessons with each learning outcome in mind. For help with course design and planning please contact, or visit the Faculty Support Center (FSC).