WWCC’s Instructor’s Briefcase will be unavailable while we transition to our new, modern WarriorLink system.

Helpful File: Instructor Briefcase Guide

Think of the Instructor Briefcase (IBC) as the electronic version of the satchel of paperwork that every professor used to carry around. In the online IBC you will find your course roster, classroom assignment, start and end dates for your course as well as the days/times you are expected to teach your course. At the end of the quarter you will use the IBC to turn in your final grades.

To Access the IBC:


  • Log in directly at this link using your employee ID and global PIN IBC

OR via CCNET (Staff Portal) at the bottom of the college home page:

  • Log into CCNET
  • Locate the icon marked IBC.
  • After clicking on the icon you will be directed to the IBC.
To find your course roster:
  • Select the appropriate quarter and click the button marked “Continue.”
  • Each class that you are teaching in the quarter that you selected will appear under the heading marked “Course Rosters.”
  • Select the appropriate section number.
  • The resulting list shows all of the students currently enrolled in your course.
  • For more information about what is presented in the IBC please contact the FSC.

Please note: The IBC shows you which students are enrolled in your course; it is not the most efficient way to contact students. To contact students please use the SMS Web Mailer system.

Turning in Your Grades

The IBC is how you will report your grades. To do this, log in to the IBC as described above. Please note the opportunity to review grade rosters will only appear when it is time for grading (during finals and for a few days after).

  • Select the appropriate course link under the header marked Grade Rosters.
  • Click on the drop-down menu under “Grade” (one should appear for each student)
  • Select the appropriate grade.
  • If you assign a grade of “F”, “Z”, or “I” you must enter a “last date attended”
  • Enter a grade for each student in the roster who has a “*” in their grade position. (Students without the “*” already have a grade assigned for the course.)
  • When you have finished entering all grades click the “Submit” button on the bottom of the page.
  • Wait for the security windows to load. Click “Yes” and “Okay” on each of those boxes.
  • Once you have seen a message that says “Grades for item number XXXX” “Quarter Year, have been submitted successfully” you have submitted your grades.

For more information on using the IBC please contact the Faculty Support Center.