Students will need to own or have daily access to a computer or laptop. Computers and laptops should be less than five years old, and should meet the minimum requirements. iPads and smart phones are good for checking grades and seeing when assignments are due, but you will need a laptop or desktop computer to submit assignments, quizzes, discussions, etc.


Be advised: The Canvas App for tablets and smart phones does not have all the abilities that the desktop application has.


  • Because Wi-Fi connections can occasionally lose signal, we recommend you use a hard-wired (ethernet) connection when taking quizzes, if possible.
  • If the Internet goes down at your residence and you have a Wi-Fi compatible device, go to a local place that offers free Wi-Fi (e.g. coffee shops, McDonald’s, public libraries, etc.). Students in and around Walla Walla can go to the WWCC campus to use its free Wi-Fi. Clarkston students can use WWCC Clarkston Center’s free Wi-Fi.


Web Browsers

The best browsers to use with Canvas are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Do not use Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or Safari when working with Canvas. You can download Chrome and Firefox from the links below.


Pearson MyLab & Mastering

Pre-college math classes, as well as some college-level math courses, will require you to use a Pearson Lab product. Click on the links below to see the system requirements for a few of the products you might be using.