Frequently Asked Questions (And Answers)

How do I activate my NetID to login to Canvas?

 In order for your login to work for Canvas, Office365, and MyWWCC, you must activate your Student NetID (SID) and set a password.

To activate your Student NetID and set (or reset) a password, go to the Student NetID activation page.  Click on the Activate NetID button and enter the information.

Once activated, your login for Canvas and Office365 will be your Student

(Example: [email protected])

and your password is the password you set when activating – be sure to write these down in a safe place until you memorize them!

Note: If you do not want to use your Social Security Number (or don’t know it), please submit a HelpDesk ticket, and the IT department can help you activate it using other information.

Where can I find the login link to Canvas?

You have several options to get to Canvas.

From our WWCC homepage, you can:

  • click the Canvas button on the Quick Launch list.
  • click the Canvas link in the gold quick links bar at the top of the college home page.
  • Or you can bookmark the page at this URL:

How do I login to Canvas?

Once you click a Canvas login link, you will see the credential screen below.  Enter your student ID like an email address (example: [email protected]) and the password you set when you activated your NetID.  Click the sign in button and you will be logged in.

Canvas Login Screen

My Canvas password isn't working - help!

First try the Password Reset page.  If that doesn’t work, submit an IT Helpdesk ticket and be sure to leave your phone number for help.

What browser should I use with Canvas?

For best performance, Canvas should be used on the most up to date version of Chrome or Firefox. Your computer operating system should be kept up to date with the latest recommended security updates and upgrades.

Note: While Canvas can run on Apple’s Safari browser, version 13.1 and later versions contain an update that may cause issues with downloading files, displaying images, and playing chat alerts in Canvas. Canvas engineers are currently working on a solution for this issue. Until then, you may avoid errors with files, images, and alerts by disabling cross-site tracking prevention in Safari when using Canvas. If disabling cross-site tracking doesn’t resolve these issues, please try one of the other supported browsers.

I can't find my classes in Canvas - where are they?

First, set your dashboard view to “course cards”.

Students are enrolled in their Canvas classes one week prior to the start of the quarter.  If you login before this date, you will not see your classes on the dashboard yet.

You are added to courses in Canvas, when you register for them with Admissions.  If classes suddenly disappear, you may have a tuition issue.  Please reach out to Admissions ([email protected]) for more information.

Most of the time, classes will automatically move to your dashboard card view automatically after an instructor publishes them and the quarter is due to start.  Occasionally, depending on when you enrolled, they remain on your Courses List.  To move them to the dashboard card view, you need to favorite them by clicking the star next to their name.

If an instructor has not yet published their course AND the quarter has already begun, please contact your instructor or the department dean for help.

Why am I getting an "unauthorized" message?

Instructors can lock items until a specific date or action has occurred in a course.  “Unauthorized” means the item is locked.  Please contact your instructor if you believe you should have access.

I need help with a broken link/assignment

Instructors are in charge of their course content.  If you have any problems or need help, use the Canvas Inbox to message them for help or clarification.

Note: Students will not be able to message other students directly  through Canvas Conversations.

I need help with MyMathLab/another platforms

Your instructors are the best people to start with if you need help connecting to a separate platform to do your coursework.  Also, check your course syllabus for login/connection directions.

You can try these MyMathLab directions, and the Online Tutoring Center also has experience with helping students connect to MyLabs products.

The Warrior Bookstore can also sometimes provide help with connection to these platforms.

Can I print off or listen to audio versions of texts in Canvas?

Your Instructor will connect you with Disability Support Services if the need for a different format is tied to a current accommodation.
For all other learning and listening preferences, students can download Canvas pages/documents in Alternative Formats for printing, listening and translation by accessing the Alternative Formats icon within Canvas.
Other Canvas highlighting, masking or listening tools can be found on the Accessibility Tools page and are available for use by all students.

Canvas resources for students are available online and a mobile Canvas app is available through your smart phone app store (directions here). 

Need Help? Connect with Us!

Submit a WWCC eLearning Helpdesk ticket
Request a WWCC eLearning Live Support Helpdesk appointment
Available 8:00am - 4:00pm

An eLearning Live Support Helpdesk appointment is for general Canvas questions, problems with accessing your Canvas classes, or issues with other online learning tools or platforms.

The eLearning Live Support Helpdesk appointments can also provide accessibility related support, such as how to adjust font size, access translation tools, or utilize screen readers.

Schedule a WWCC eLearning Live Support Helpdesk Appointment

Note: These are live, open sessions to answer general questions. Students may be in the video chat with other students.

Zoom can be used on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Visit for more information and help videos. When you select a helpdesk, you will be put into a waiting room and a staff member will be with you as soon as possible.

You can also connect with department personnel by calling their Google Voice # or by email.