Registering for an online class at WWCC is no different than registering for face-to-face classes.  Students apply to the college, get their finanical aid squared away, meet with an advisor (by phone, email, or even in person if you live in town) to determine your degree or certificate path and choose your classes, and then you register online or in person.

If you just want to see what eLearning classes are available for a given quarter, go to the eSchedule, select the quarter, and choose eLearning as the campus in the dropdown filter, then click the Submit button.

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You can apply to WWCC online!  Once your application has been processed, you will receive and acceptance letter that includes your Student ID number.


Money for your college education, it’s all right here—cost of attendance, ways to pay, and funding programs. Our financial professionals provide needed and excellent service to all students.

Find out more information by clicking the Financial Aid button.

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Career exploration is available online.  Through personality and career inventories, discover what career paths are right for you!