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Online classes are not like face-to-face classes.  They require a different skillset to be successful.  This quiz will help you determine how successful you might be in online classes.

Please enter your name and Student ID. Your score will be revealed after you click submit at the end of the quiz.  There are 24 statements worth a total of 50 points with which you can choose to Agree, Somewhat Agree, or Disagree with.  Some may have you answer Yes or No, as well.  Be sure to click submit at the end and view your results and next steps.




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1) I am not comfortable installing software and changing configuration settings on my computer.
2) I am not really sure what to do about installing or updating anti-virus software on my computer.
3) Since I will be going to school-chosen websites and using Canvas, I don't have to worry about computer viruses.
4) My Internet connection is fairly fast and reliable.
5) I have a laptop or computer that meets the basic computer requirements for eLearning at WWCC.
6) I own headphones (or speakers) and a microphone, and I know how to hook them up and use them if my online class requires them for online lectures, group work, chats, or even videoconferencing.
7) I have at least five hours a week to do assignments, tests, and projects, AND five more hours a week available for studying per five credit class I want to take online.
8) I know someone who can help me if I run into problems with my computer or don't know how to do something technology-wise (like take a screen shot).
9) When I download a file off the Internet, I know where to find it on my computer.
10) I struggle with setting goals and deadlines for myself.
11) I learn best when I figure things out for myself instead of working with others.
12) I enjoy a challenge and tend not to give up, even when others do.
13) I have the correct browser installed for my online class and it is up-to-date. I know how to keep it up-to-date, and it will play most common audio and video formats.
14) I have a really good reason for taking an online course.
15) I learn best by reading.
16) I don't know the difference between Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.
17) I have a quiet place to study and do my course work.
18) I know when I should get help from the IT Helpdesk and when I should go to the eLearning Helpdesk.
19) I am willing to call or email my instructor and/or classmates in plenty of time to get help.
20) I can keep myself on track and on time without help from others.
21) I am uncomfortable sending email to or having discussions with people I don't know in person.
22) I tend to wait until deadlines are near to get motivated to do my work.
23) I learn best when I hear things like a lecture or recording.
24) Online instructors will be available to immediately respond to my requests for help.

This quiz is a derivative work of the Online Readiness Questionnaire by Penn State University
and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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