Session Information

Sessions take place at the William A. Grant Water & Environmental Center at Walla Walla Community College and in Room 2083, unless otherwise announced.  The Water Center is Building R on the WWCC Campus Map.

Any presentation and handout materials can be found here.

Six Superpowers of Small Shop Fundraisers

Wednesday, October 17th from 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Sarah Brooks of the Methow Conservancy

Do you find yourself constantly juggling your fundraising responsibilities with 64 other tasks for your mission? Raising money in a small nonprofit can feel overwhelming sometimes, but the truth is you have 6 superpowers that fundraisers in bigger organizations would LOVE to have! You just need to recognize and unleash them — even when it means you break some commonly held fundraising “rules.” Uncover your superpowers and learn how to avoid the small shop fundraisers’ kryptonite.

SPiN: Strategic Planning In Nonprofits

Wednesday, November 14th from 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Virginia Lang of Lang Consulting

When you start out on a trip, you know your destination. You have maps and routes picked out and a trip itinerary. Do you know where your nonprofit is going? Do you know if you have enough fuel to get there? Will you know when you have arrived? Strategic planning is all about aligning your people, partnerships, and resources around a plan to achieve your mission while ensuring the health and sustainability of your organization. Strategic Planning in Nonprofits (SPiN), created by Washington Nonprofits, was designed to make strategic planning accessible and manageable for you, your board, and your staff.

If there is a specific type of training that you are most interested in and would like to see be brought to our area, please contact Lydia Caudill at [email protected].