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Accounting and Finances

Nonprofit Financial Strategy in Response to Crisis
Scott Schaffer of Public Interest Management Group
September 16 & 23, 2020
Session 1 Handout | Session 2 Handout | Workbook

Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits
Lee Harper and Lawson Knight
March 4, 2020
Bingo Card | Toolkit | Presentation

FUN: Finances Unlocked for Nonprofits
For more FUN resources, please click here.
Kits | Assessment | Slide Handouts
January 29, 2019

Streamline Management & Prevent Fraud through Newer Banking Tools and Technology
Kay Sohl of Kay Sohl Consulting, Nikki Geiszler and Susan Thompson of Banner
September 18-19, 2014

How to Read Financial Statements
Bruce Toews, CPA/MBA, Assoc. Prof. of Accounting/Finance at Walla Walla University
September 17-18, 2013

Power Up Your Budget Process: Build a Financial Plan to Achieve Your Strategic Goals
Kay Sohl of Kay Sohl Consulting
September 18-19, 2012

Internal Controls: What are They? Why are they Important?
Bruce Toews, CPA/MBA, Assoc. Prof. of Accounting/Finance at Walla Walla University
Sample Whistleblower Policy | Sample Document Retention Policy
June 12-13, 2012

The Importance of Financial Action Plans
Jan McGowan of Jan McGowan Nonprofit Consulting
May 15-16, 2012

How to Read a Financial Statement
Bruce Toews, CPA/MBA, Assoc. Prof. of Accounting/Finance at Walla Walla University
June 14- 15, 2011

Advancing Your Mission Through Earned Income Strategies
Larry Clark, President and CEO of Comprehensive Health Foundation
April 8, 2011

Board and Governance

Boards in Gear
Nancy Bacon of WA Nonprofits
Boards in Gear Workbook | Boards in Gear PPT (PDF)
January 29th, 2020

What you Need to Know about Board Governance and Building a Stronger Board
Jim Shapiro of Better Fundraising Co.
PPT Handout | Self-Evaluation on Good Governance | Sample Job Description for Board Officers | Sample Meeting Agenda
May 9th, 2018

Lift Your Voice: Getting Started with Advocacy, Lobbying, and Civic Engagement
Laura Pierce and David Streeter of Washington Nonprofits
Lobbying Flowchart | Why Should Your Nonprofit Advocate | Advocacy and Lobbying Rules for Nonprofits | Commenting on Candidates and Campaigns | Issue Identification and Research Worksheet | Lobbying Check List | Lobbying Rules for House of Worship | Maximizing Your Lobbying Limit Electing the 501H Expenditure Test | Nonpartisan Election Activities 501(c)3 for Nonprofits | Nonprofit Advocacy PowerPoint
April 11th, 2018

Let’s Go Legal
Nancy Bacon of WA Nonprofits and Jodi Nishioka of Wayfind
PPT Handout | LGL Kits | Staffagories | Asset Audit
February 7th, 2018

Boards in Gear
A workshop on what board members need to know to achieve their mission.
Nancy Bacon of Washington
PPT HandoutKit
April 12, 2017

Ready for Action
What is involved in serving on a nonprofit board?
Jeremy Sampson of Washington Nonprofit
February 15, 2017

Be the Champion of Your Cause: Advocacy for Nonprofits
Alison McCaffree of Washington Nonprofits
Handout | Lobbying & Expenditures Test Pages | Who Represents Me
September 27-28, 2016

Creating & Maintaining an Effective Board
Kay Sohl of Kay Sohl Consulting
November 17-18, 2015

Leadership, Teamwork & Trust: Building an Extraordinary Board-Staff Partnership
Sara Lawson with Shorthand Consulting
Matrix | Brainstorming Form | Courageous Conversation Worksheet | Meeting Evaluation Form | Meeting Tips & Questions | Reflection Questions | Collective Wisdom
March 27, 2015

Navigating Change in Times of Uncertainty, Part II
Susan Newton of Development Strategies Plus
May 20-21, 2014

Impacting Board and Staff Relationships
Susan Newton of Development Strategies Plus
April 15-16, 2014

Boards on Fire Part II
Susan Howlett
Board Self-Assessments | Brene Brown’s TED Talk on Vulnerability | Dan Pallotta’s TED Talk on nonprofit overhead
March 15, 2014

Dashboards for Nonprofit Boards
Kay Sohl of Kay Sohl Consulting
May 14-15, 2013

Becoming A More Effective and Efficient Board
Jan McGowan of Jan McGowan Nonprofit Consulting
Effective Boards Meeting Agenda | Dashboard Sample
April 23-24, 2013

Governance as Innovation and Teamwork Symposium
Washington Nonprofits
Governance as Innovation & Teamwork | Generative Curve
March 1, 2013

Building Core Capacities and Strengthening Board Leadership
Susan Misra with TCC Group
Introductory Information
March 23, 2012

A Key to Building Effective Organizations
Susan Newton of Development Strategies Plus
Evaluating Your ED | ED Review Sample | Annual Evaluation of the Executive Director | Sample Ed Letter to BOD of Accomplishments | Sample Director Evaluation Form | Board Survey | Board of Self Assessment-Short | Sample Board Self Assessment
November 15-16, 2011

Governance: Fine Tuning the Board of Directors
Jan McGowan of Nonprofit Consulting
Responsibilities Flow Chart | Board Profile Grid | Ten Commandments of Meetings
May 3-4, 2011

Planning for Leadership Succession
Whitman College Annual Workshop
March 25, 2011

A Systems Approach to Governance
Susan Newton
May 11 and 19, 2010

What does a Board of Directors do?
Sherwood Trust
April 20-21, 2010


Build a Movement Advocacy Training Webinar

Monday, June 15 from 9am-12pm
Amber Knox, Executive Director of Tieton Arts & Humanities


5 Free Nonprofit Marketing Tools
Allison Carney of Allison Carney Consulting

May 22, 2019

Nonprofit Communications Planning 101: Taking Control of your Message
Allison Carney of Allison Carney Consulting
January 17, 2018

Digital Engagement: Developing Your Multi-Channel Strategy
Ash Shepherd of the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN)
November 2-3, 2016

Telling Your Story with Data
Lawson Knight of Intermountain Impact Investments
Delores Project Logic Model | Identify-Select-Use-Performance Measures | Logic Model Fill-In Form | Manage Your Energy Not Your Time Assessment | School Mobility Example + Templates
February 16-17, 2016

A Peer-to-Peer, Q & A Conversation on Social Media
Michael Mettler of Achieva Marketing Group and Jock Edwards
November 27-28, 2012

Social Media: What Is It and How Should You Use It?
Michael Mettler of Achieva Marketing Group and Susan Newton of Development Strategies Plus
October 16-17, 2012


Everyday Equity and Empathy: Racial Equity and Healing (Virtual)
Dr. Gail C. Christopher, Guillermo Corro, Dr. Dan Solis, Andrea Caupain Sanderson, and Victoria Santos
April 16, 2021

Let’s FACE IT!: A Conversation & Workshop on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Viviana Aguilar and Mike Beebe of F.A.C.E. Consulting Collaborative
March 7th and 8th, 2018

Brave Model | Social Justice Framework (esp) | Tips for Interrupting Biased Comments (esp) | Microagressions Table | Tips for Interrupting Biased Comments | Social Justice Framework

Our Walla Walla: Who’s Driving This Thing?
David Brauhn from the City of Walla Walla and Lydia Caudill of Sherwood Trust
March 20th, 2018

Our Walla Walla | Walla Walla Region Historical Timeline

Exploring Latino Outreach Strategies
Co-Presented by Amanda Perez, Celia Guardado, Delia Gutierrez, Lorena Ault, Luis Rosales, and Ursula Volwiler
March 26th, 2019

Exploring Latino Outreach Strategies Presentation | Latino Outreach Strategies


6 Superpowers of a Small Shop

Sarah Brooks of Methow Conservancy
October 21, 2020
The 6 Superpowers of a Small Shop Fundraiser    |  Workbook


Key Elements for Building an Intentional Fundraising Program
Rebecca Zanatta of Ostara Group
October 16th, 2019

6 Superpowers of Small Shop Fundraisers
Sarah Brooks of the Methow Conservancy
October 17th, 2018
Assessing our Culture of Philanthropy | Fundraising Manifesto | Staying Relevant Communication Plan | Member Matters Sample | Fundraising Superpowers Presentation | Sample Fundraising Report | Sample Fundraising Workplan | Photo of the Lush Bag

Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat: Learn a fundraising plan and rhythm that works
Jim Shapiro of The Better Fundraising Co.
September 20, 2017
Sample Proforma | How to Write Thank You Letters | Sample Receipt Letter | Sample Executive Letter | PPT Presentation

Liquor, Cannabis, Gambling…and Your Event
Nancy Bacon of Washington Nonprofits and Mona Geidl of Minnick Hayner
September 13th, 2018

Tool Kit | PowerPoint | Workbook

Online Philanthropy: How to Bring Your Nonprofit into Fundraising’s Future
Kari Anderson of Incite! Consulting Group
May 2-3, 2016

Mobilize Your Board to Raise More Money
Andy Robinson
Board/Volunteer Fundraising Agreement | Cycle of Fundraising | Financial Management 101 | Your Income Diversification | Income Source for Nonprofits | Menu of Fundraising Opportunities | Philanthropy in America | Why Do You Care: Spreading the word about your organization | Sample Board Job Description | NPQ’s Illustrated Nonprofit Economy
May 21, 2015

Primer on Writing Successful Corporate and Foundation Grant Proposals
Jessica Cook, Development Specialist in the WW Community College Foundation
Writing Grant Proposals | Phone Script for Initial Outreach to Prospect
October 28-29, 2014

Federal Funds Changes
Kay Sohl of Kay Sohl Consulting
June 10-11, 2014

The Importance of Donor Data
Jan McGowan of Jan McGowan Nonprofit Consulting
Database Needs Worksheet | Chart of Recommendations
October 15-16, 2013

Planning for Mission Focused Fundraising
Jan McGowan of Nonprofit Consulting
Fundraising Types and Sources | Vision to Action Descriptions
May 15-16, 2012

Fundraising: How Best to Engage Board Members
Lawson Knight of the Blue Mountain Community Foundation
April 17-18, 2012

Best Practices of Fundraising and Creating a Philanthropic Culture
Sonya Campion, CFRE, philanthropist, consultant, Whitman College alum
AFP Code of Ethics | AFP Donor Bill of Rights | Ten Most Important Things You Can Know About Fundraising-Kim Klein | Key Attitudes to Successful Capital Campaigns-Stuart Grover | Create a Philanthropic Culture | Development Plan Dashboards
April 5-6, 2011

Leadership and Management

Everyday Equity and Empathy: Rural Leadership (Virtual)
Heidi Khokhar, Jennie Dickinson, Roger Esparza, Steve Irving, Mark Kajita, Mandy Thompson
June 16, 2021

Next Steps in Network Leadership
Marty Kooistra of Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County
November 17th, 2020

Leadership for Change: Aspiring Ally Work for Organizations
Viviana Aguilar and Mike Beebe from F.A.C.E.
Facilitiating Orgs through Stages | MCOD Developmental Stage Model | Social Justice Framework | PPT Presentation
November 8th, 2019

Leadership for Change: Aspiring Ally Work for Individuals
Viviana Aguilar and Mike Beebe from F.A.C.E.
Individual Workshop Packet | Ally Training by Org | PPT Presentation
November 7th, 2019

Volunteer Engagement: Connecting People with Their Passion
Miguel Pineda of Homes First Olympia
PPT Presentation | Handouts
April 23-24, 2019

The Leadership Lab: Action and Practice
Andrew McMasters of Improv Mindset
PPT Presentation | Handouts
February 21, 2019

Thriving on Engagement: Building value through strategy in a volunteer program
Nikki Russell of Olympic Peninsula YMCA
Why do they volunteer? | Why create volunteer job descriptions? | Challenges of volunteer managing? | Why have volunteers? | Volunteer word association | PPT Presentation | Handouts
October 19, 2017

The Impact of Culture
Jan McGowan of Jan McGowan Nonprofit Consulting
Experience of Change Handout | Culture Worksheet | Performance Plan and Appraisal Form | Board Profile Grid
October 20-21, 2015

501 Commons Human Resources Toolkit
Yvonne Freitas McGookin of 501 Commons
Performance Evaluation | Onboarding Tools | Other Tools | Interview & Selection
June 23, 2015

Do LEAN Methods Make Sense for Nonprofits
Jim Byrnes
June 9, 2015

Employee Engagement: Trends and Practices
Yvonne Freitas McGookin with 501 Commons
March 18, 2015

Working with Volunteers
Jan McGowan
Creating a Vision Statement | Key & Episodic Volunteers | Risk Management Safety | Solutions to Volunteer Challenges | Volunteer Recognition | Volunteer Rights | Waiver Form
October 21-22, 2014

How and Why Nonprofit Organizations Should Master the Art of Adaption
Susan Newton of Development Strategies Plus
May 20-21, 2014

Sharing Practical Insights and Wisdom with Nonprofits
Kay Sohl of Kay Sohl Consulting
June 10-11, 2014

The Five Elements of a Healthy Nonprofit
Nancy Long of 501 Commons
November 5-6, 2013

Symposium featuring the WA Secretary of State’s Charities and Nonprofits Division
September 6, 2013

Addressing Touch Issues While Maintaining Relationships
Carol Bowser of Conflict Management Strategies
Session Materials
October 18-19, 2011

Collaboration and the Skill Sets Needed to Implement It
Kay Sohl of Kay Sohl Consulting
Session Materials
September 20-21, 2011

Strategic Planning

Nancy Long of 501 Commons
November 14, 2018

Fast Track Strategic Planning
Nancy Long of 501 Commons
October 19, 2016

How to Make Change!
Susan Newton of Development Strategies Plus
June 11-12, 2013

Strategic Planning II: Business and Development Planning
Jan McGowan

Strategic Planning I: Creating Plans That Stay Off the Shelf
Jan McGowan
Crisis Management Worksheet | “Board Only” Materials


Build a Movement Advocacy Training
Amber Knox of Tieton Arts & Humanities
June 15, 2020
Workbook Presentation