WWCC Printed Course Materials

  • Instructors can pre-print their classroom handouts / notes / labs / lectures.
    • Instructors will deliver the word or adobe file with said classroom documents to The College Store. Our printer will upload and print packets, our team will shrink-wrap them and place them for sale to the students.
    • If work is copyrighted, the College Store, will purchase printing rights from the national clearing house. Instructors must clearly indicate and research if materials they are including to be printed in-house satisfy copyright laws.
    • Pre-printed packets range students from $5.00 – $80.00 depending on pages and copyright
    • Pre-printed packets are useful to instructors and students.
      • Reduces printing costs to your department
      • Pre-printed reduced in class handouts & more instructor time.
      • Allows students the materials in advance encase they miss class