WWCC Faculty Textbook Discard Policy

WWCC faculty routinely receive complimentary copies of textbooks from various publishers for review and potential use in the classroom. These materials are shipped to the Stockroom, where they are sorted and delivered to the faculty addresses on a regular basis. Packages must be signed for by the departmental designee at time of delivery. Currently, these materials are not stamped “Property of Walla Walla Community College” as some publishers will not take returns on government property if stamped as such.

These complimentary materials are the property of Walla Walla Community College. Pursuant to the Executive Ethics Board Advisory Opinion 03-04, Selling Textbooks Sent to Faculty by Publishers, faculty may not seek personal gain from the sale of said materials.

As its September 12, 2003 meeting, the Board adopted Advisory Opinion 03-04, regarding the selling of complimentary textbooks by higher education faculty. This opinion notes that higher education faculty may accept textbooks and other publications from publishers and use these items to conduct official business. The opinion, however, prohibits selling such textbooks and other publications for personal gain. While the opinion prohibits selling these textbooks for personal gain, several options for disposing of textbooks exist in lieu of selling them. State supported institutions of higher education may want to consider adopting policies or procedures that assist faculty members in exercising these options. (Refer to the entire Advisory Opinion attached).

It is therefore recommended that, as WWCC faculty have no further need of such textbooks, they shall be forwarded to the Bookstore for buyback/sales purposes. Bookstore staff will log each textbook submitted, and track its sales, whether sold back to a publisher, or to a student or other interested party. All proceeds from these sales will be deposited into a special account. Funds in this account may be used in various ways such as student scholarships, books for needy students, or other needs as recommended by faculty representatives.

Question regarding this procedure may be directed to Alecia Angell.