We, in cooperation with the various funding partners that work with students on campus to acquire “required” tools for degree programs, work to provide said tools at an affordable cost. These kits can also be purchased by students who provide their own funds.

We offer three types of tools & kits. They are:

  • Wheel kits for programs such as Automotive, Collision, Diesel & John Deere
  • Trade Kits for programs like Barber, Carpentry, Cosmetology, CNA, Energy Systems & Welding
  • Supply Kits for programs such as GED preparation, Just the Basics which is a startup kit of school supplies.

Our role as the tool / kit supplier is as follows:

  • We collect Master Tool / Supply Kit lists from instructors.
  • We will contact our wholesale suppliers to build and price affordable kits.

Wheel Kits

  • For “wheel kit” programs such as Automotive, Diesel, Collision & John Deere, we will start the process of finding substitutes, if available, under the Snap On Industrial Tool Program.
    • Our focus is to reduce tool /supply costs to the funding partners for both the student & funding partners.
    • This may result in name brand tools being substituted for alternative tools under the Snap On Industrial Tool program.
  • We will provide detailed quotes back to the funding partner for wheel kits.
  • The funding partner will then advise us to proceed or halt on wheel kits.
  • Wheel Kits are delivered to the classroom or the student will come pick it up within 24 hours of receiving.

Trade & Supply Kits

  • Trade & Supply Kits are typically stocked and available the first week of courses. The quantity we stock is based on enrollment & instructor requests. Suspended receipts are obtainable by asking the cashier.
  • Kits are delivered to the classroom or funding partner within 24 hours of receiving.

Current Kits / Tools we provide

  • Automotive
  • Barber
  • Carpentry – Tools & Uniform
  • CNA
  • Collision
  • Cosmetology – Tools & Uniform
  • Culinary
  • Diesel
  • Energy System Technology
  • GED
  • John Deere
  • Welding

Tools & Supply Kits are designed and priced to allow students the ability to learn and apply their skills for two instructional years. After graduation and once employed, students can start to build their tool collection for their job needs.