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Farrier Science

Industry Description
Farriers are trained in the art and science of trimming and shoeing horses of all breeds. They trim the hoof to remove extra growth and to align the bone structure of the leg so it meets the ground squarely. The process that farriers use involves removing the old shoe, cleaning out the dead exfoliating material, and then using nippers to remove excess hoof wall growth. The foot is then made flat using the rasp. Horse shoes are shaped to fit the hoof and nailed on. Due to popularity and diverse uses of horses, there is a steady demand for qualified farriers throughout the world.  

Department Overview

Farrier Science prepares students as professional, trained farriers able to work on most types of horses. A combination of classroom and lab coursework focuses on equine anatomy as it pertains to farrier science, conformation fault analysis, disease, leg and hoof lameness and corresponding therapeutic measures. Upon program completion the farrier will have gained sufficient knowledge of the anatomy of the horse's leg and the practiced experience to retain true gaits of horses, improve or correct faulty gaits, alleviate disorders of the feet, and provide relief for the injured limb or hoof. Techniques are practiced on local, privately owned horses, providing students the chance to work with horse owners in a business setting. The Farrier Science curriculum complies with standards set by the American Farrier's Association and is reviewed by an advisory board composed of local and regional industry members.

Students may earn an Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences Degree in Farrier Science upon completion of the two-year program of study. This degree prepares students to take the American Farriers Association (AFA) Certified Farrier Examination. A Farrier Science Certificate is available upon completion of the first year of the program. This certificate prepares students to take the American Farriers Association Intern Test.

Blue Mountain Back Country Farrier Scholarship
This scholarship will assist a student or students enrolled and making good progress in the Farrier Program. Demonstrated interest in horses and their well-being will be considered as well as demonstrated need.

Entrance Requirements
It is recommended that the student contact the lead instructor regarding appropriate program placement and to determine specific quarter start in the program. Students may enter the program fall, winter or spring quarter, however, due to course sequencing it is recommended to begin in the fall. In order to start this program, the placement process must be completed through the Testing Center. Visit for more information.

Other Information
For additional information including regional employment data, completion rates, student characteristics, and employment see