Master Course Outline
HO 182
Fundamentals of Medical Interpreting II

Credits: 12
Clock Hours per Quarter: 220

Lecture Hours:50    Lab Hours:80    Clinical Hours: 90

Builds on the concepts from Fundamental of Interpreting I. Emphasis is placed on Spanish medical terminology relevant to healthcare settings and the general rules that apply to speaking the Spanish language. Students will participate in sight translation and oral interpretation methods. Thirty hours of practicum are required at an arranged healthcare facility. This course prepares students to take the Washington State Spanish Medical Interpretation Certification Exam. Prerequisite: HO 181. Instructor permission required.

Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Review the primary roles of the interpreter to compare and contrast the spheres of power for each member of the triad: healcare provider, patient, interpreter.
  • Demonstrate interpreting in healthcare settings using proper positioning with emphasis on reflection of emotion, use of first person, accuracy of meaning.
  • Correctly apply a variety of interpreting skills and techniques.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in listening techniques.
  • Apply note-taking techniques to the interpretation setting.
  • Abide by the Medical Interpreter Code of Ethics in all interpretation situations.
  • Use the appropriate Spanish medical terminology required for a wide variety of healthcare settings in the target language.
  • Demonstrate accurate Spanish language pronunciation, syntax, and grammar.

  • Course Topics
  • Review modes of interpretation
  • Review interpreting techniques for sight translation, consecutive interpretation, and simultaneous interpretation.
  • Spanish medical terminology for healthcare professionals in speciality areas.
  • Error analysis
  • Multidisciplinary conference interpreting
  • Culture brokering
  • Business plans and entrepreneurship for interpreters
  • Marketing your interpreter service
  • Technological devices for interpreting
  • Medical interpreter oral certification preparation
  • Practicum preparation
  • Certification simulation exam

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