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Master Course Outline
Relapse Prevention

Course Number: ALCDA 242
Credits: 5
Hours per Quarter: 50

Lecture Hours:50

Students will learn to exhibit skills necessary to facilitate clients in preventing relapse by effectively using relapse prevention counseling and recovery enhancements methods to identify and manage high-risk situations. Students will learn and practice these skills in group settings.

Intended Skills and Attitude Outcomes
A. Write an individualized brief treatment plan for relapse prevention.
B. Motivate clients to make an initial abstinence contract.
C. Effectively use the principles of recovery enhancement to prevent relapse.
D. Identify immediate high risk situations that can cause clients to use alcohol and other drugs in spite of the initial abstinence contract.
E. Evaluate the specific needs of the relapse prone client and develop strategies to meet those needs.
F. Objectively describe past high risk situations that wer managed in a way that led to use of alcohol or other drugs.
G. Identify the thoughts, feelings, urges, actions, and relationship patterns that caused clients to use alcohol or other drugs to manage high risk situations.
H. Faciliate recovery enhancement groups that, through use of eclectic group therapy methods, focus on changes in the way clients think, feel and act.
I. Help clients to manage high risk thoughts and feelings that cause use of alcohol and other drugs to manage high risk situations.
J. Prepare clients to manage future high risk situations without using alcohol or other drugs.
K. Facilitate the client in the development of personal recovery strategies that focus on the changes necessary to promote an enhanced recovery.
L. Develop an action plan for adapting relapse prevention counseling and recovery enhancement methods to their personal clinical style, the needs of their treatment program, and the individual needs of their clients.

Syllabi Listing
There are no syllabi listed at this time
Year Quarter

Two Year Projected Schedule

Year One* Year Two**

*Year one is all odd years (2003-2004)
**Year two is all even years (2004-2005)