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Master Course Outline
TRK 192
Cooperative Seminar

Credits: 2
Clock Hours per Quarter: 20

AA Discipline:

Lecture Hours:20

Students explore issues related to their cooperative work experience focusing on effective workplace relationships and how self-knowledge, perception, attitudes, and behavior affect these relationships and job satisfaction. Students will also learn effective learning skills for workplace and educational success. These learning skills include memory, concentration, time management, textbook reading, and exam preparation. Human relations topics include group dynamics, employee and management roles, and conflict resolution. Co-requisite: TRK 191.

Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Develop an awareness of group dynamics and teamwork in the workplace
  • Develop effective strategies for conflict resolution in the workplace
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills
  • Identify the key traits of a model employee and explain the importance
  • Develop effective learning and on-the-job skills for time management, confidence, adaptability, resourcefulness and flexibility
  • Identify how personality type, processing style, and interest effect job satisfaction
  • Explain the importance of understanding sexual harassment and how to remedy these situations

  • Course Topics
  • Time management and procrastination
  • 12 key traits of a model employee
  • Self Confidence
  • Punctuality
  • Organization
  • Initiative and Leadership
  • Team Player in the workplace
  • Understanding the company
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Experience in the workplace and business savvy
  • Resourcefulness
  • Positive working relationships
  • Sexual harassment

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    Year Quarter

    Two Year Projected Schedule

    Year One* Year Two**

    *If fall quarter starts on an odd year (2003, 2005, etc.), it's Year One.
    If fall quarter starts on an even year (2002, 2004, etc.), it's Year Two.