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Master Course Outline
PSYC 084
Breaking Barriers

Credits: 3
Clock Hours per Quarter: 30

AA Discipline:

Lecture Hours:30

Breaking Barriers is a video-supported interactive training series designed for use with the incarcerated. Its goal is to create a realization in all participants that change is possible; it provides tools to facilitate development of cognitive thinking skills supportive of subjective change. Units demonstrate how an individual's long-held habits, attitudes, beliefs, and expectations work to impact the way our future develops, and that controlling how we think and act is a learnable process within every person's capacity. At its end, participants are encouraged to give back (or "pay forward") the benefits they reap from practicing the model and the course philosophy in their own lives. Formerly PSY 084.

Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Students will undertstand and explain how change is possible.
  • Students will understand and explain how current reality is the result of the beliefs, habits, and attitudes we've adopted in the past.
  • Students will identify the things that prevent one from obtaining their potential.
  • Students will identify and explain skills that will help change negative habits, attitudes, and behaviors.
  • Students will understand how self-image and comfort zones limit growth.
  • Students will understand the self-talk cycle, and how to use a mind stimulator.
  • Students will use motivation and accountablity to change attitudes.
  • Students will write goals and affirmation plans.
  • Students will explain and use the reality model.
  • Students will explain, design, and use a time management plan.
  • Students will have an elevated awareness of the three steps to change established within the course.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding that part of positive change involves giving back, altruistically, to one's community.

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