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Master Course Outline
ECE 275
Administration of Early Learning Programs

Credits: 3
Clock Hours per Quarter: 30

AA Discipline:

Lecture Hours:30

This course is designed to provide early childhood education personnel with the information necessary to open, operate and manage child care centers and early learning programs that meet licensing, accreditation and other quality standards. Recommended: READ 088.

Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Develop and maintain an effective program.
  • Understand sound financial planning and management.
  • Develop and maintain a healthy and safe learning environment.
  • Implement developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive curriculum.
  • Institute family-centered programming.
  • Maintain an ongoing program of personnel management, staff support, supervision and professional development.
  • Foster strong professional relationships with and among families, summunity and boards.
  • Develop and maintain a safe and healthy environment.
  • Make appropriate decisions about grouping children in center based care.
  • Explain and give reasons for the various grouping patterns.
  • Explain developmentally appropriate practice in lesson planning and implementation.
  • Plan lessons for young children.
  • Discuss activity planning based on developmentally appropriate practice.
  • Identify appropriate play equipment for children ages birth to eight.
  • Assess material for anti-bias and culturally responsive qualities.
  • Provide and use culturally appropriate and anti-bias materials, literature and experiences.
  • Meet children's nutritional needs and meal planning.
  • Use meal times to promote social skills and healthy eating habits in young children.
  • Discuss basic nutrition principles and their application to providing meals for children.
  • Identify the role of meal time in promoting social skills and healthy eating habits in young children.
  • Develop accurate and specific job descriptions for each position in a child care center.
  • Identify and describe methods that promote and support recruitment and retention of diverse staff.
  • Develop and utilize sound interview questions and interview techniques.
  • Develop an orientation process for new employees.
  • Discuss the job of the director as the role model for the faculty.
  • Identify and discuss professional ethics as it relates to management.
  • Articulate a personal philosophy of appropirate early childhood education practices and how it is reflected in the center.
  • Articulate the value of professional development for all staff in ealry learning programs.
  • Develop a personal professional development plan.
  • Describe the process of planning/implementing staff meetings and in-service training.
  • Identify and apply techniques for team building.
  • Articulate the value of professional development for all staff in early learning programs.

  • Course Topics
  • Child development
  • Health and safety
  • Nutrition
  • Diversity
  • Behavior and guidance
  • Developmentally appropriate practice
  • Curriculum development
  • Licensing requirements
  • Budgeting
  • Staff recruitment and retention
  • Professional development
  • Positive communication

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    Year Quarter
    ECE 275
    Winter 2012
    Melinda Brennan

    Two Year Projected Schedule

    Year One* Year Two**

    *If fall quarter starts on an odd year (2003, 2005, etc.), it's Year One.
    If fall quarter starts on an even year (2002, 2004, etc.), it's Year Two.