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Master Course Outline
CE 105
The Successful Student

Credits: 1- 3
Clock Hours per Quarter: 30

AA Discipline:

Lecture Hours:30

The modularized course is designed to help students develop techniques and strategies to build learning skills that cross subject areas. The Successful Student Essay module prepares students to write basic organized essays used to answer essay exam questions and to demonstrate learning in non-composition courses. The Successful Student Online module prepares students to be successful when taking hybrid and fully online courses in Canvas. Finally, The Successful Math Student module helps students learn math study skills to be successful in all math courses at WWCC. NOTE: Credits are awarded based on the number of modules completed in the term.

Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Essay: Plan and create basic essay outlines. Write focused thesis statements that can be supported. Practice organizing essay content in a basic '5 paragraph essay' structure. Use quoted and referenced material to support the thesis statement. Word process an essay into an accepted college-level format (MLA or APA). Establish best practices in time management for writing essays.
  • Online: Successfully navigate and submit work in an online environment. Write discussion posts that satisfy all elements of an instructor's prompt. Establish best practices in time management for online coursework. Correctly process written directions for online assignments, quizzes, and discussions. Use the online messaging system to communicate with instructors. Develop a strategy for dealing with technical problems in the online course.
  • Math: Recognize aspects of mathematics that make it different from science or the humanities. Identify math anxiety triggers and determine strategies for mitigating anxiety. Identify a variety of math test prep strategies. Demonstrate a variety of note-taking strategies for math classes. Establish best practices in time management for math study/homework.

  • Course Topics
  • Essay:
    Thesis Statements
    5 Paragraph Essay Structure
    Supporting the Thesis Statement
    Essay Format
    The Writing Process (Outline, Draft, Revise, Final Copy)
    Time management for success in writing
  • Online:
    Canvas LMS
    Online Discussions
    Time management for success online
    Reading and interpreting directions
    Quizzes and assignment submissions
    Time management
  • Math:
    Math anxiety
    Math study skills
    Time management for success with math
    Test prep

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    Two Year Projected Schedule

    Year One* Year Two**

    *If fall quarter starts on an odd year (2003, 2005, etc.), it's Year One.
    If fall quarter starts on an even year (2002, 2004, etc.), it's Year Two.