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Master Course Outline
AMM 150
Automotive High Voltage Systems

Credits: 2
Clock Hours per Quarter: 30

AA Discipline:

Lecture Hours:10    Lab Hours:20

The student will learn high voltage vehicle safety and specialized tool and equipment usage. The student will become familiar with all major components of typical hybrid powered vehicles. Emergency procedures on hybrid vehicles will be covered. The student will learn diagnosis of failures found in high voltage circuits and components found on Hybrid Electrical Vehicles. Class will consist of hands-on practical application of concepts learned using various types of specialized equipment used on hybrid and alternative fueled vehicles. This class is structured to provide competency-based application of NATEF automotive repair tasks in a working shop environment. Co-requisite of AMM 161.

Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Choose correct personal protective equipment to work on HV systems and components.
  • Repair connectors and terminal ends.
  • Repair wiring harness (including CAN/BUS systems).
  • Identify location of hybrid vehicle high voltage circuit disconnect (service plug).
  • Identify high voltage circuits of electric or hybrid electric vehicle and related safety precautions.
  • Identify circuit failures in parallel and series circuits.
  • Identify hybrid vehicle auxiliary (12v) battery service, repair and test procedures.
  • Identify hybrid vehicle high voltage AC electrical circuits, service and safety precautions.
  • Calculate Watts Law.
  • Understand basic AC Electricity Operation.
  • Understand basic DC Electricity Operation.
  • Understand hybrid vehicle design.
  • Describe self and mutual inductance.
  • Diagnose and test electric machines for failures.
  • Use specialized equipment to test HV circuits and components.
  • Operate HV interlock systems to disable HV system.
  • Test HV bus discharge circuit.
  • Use scan tool to diagnose high voltage failures.
  • Evaluate electric machine performance.

  • Course Topics
  • Watt's law.
  • Principles of electromagnetism to electric drive systems.
  • Self and mutual inductance.
  • Hybrid vehicle inverters/converters.
  • Magnetic fields.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) to safely work on a high voltage system.
  • High voltage circuit diagnostic equipment.
  • Oscilloscope diagnosis.
  • High voltage circuit and component testing.
  • High voltage ground circuit identification.
  • Vehicle isolation-fault detection systems.
  • HV interlock systems.
  • Active and passive discharge bus circuits.
  • Electric machine stators.
  • Electric machine rotors.

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