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Work Conditions

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Search occupations that require specific types of interaction with people, such as “coaching and developing others” or “coordinating the work and activities of others.”


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Bureau of Labor Statistics

Click on 800+ occupational titles to learn about median wages, work environments, on-the-job tasks, recommended education and training, similar careers, and more.


Search occupational profiles that include career videos, on-the-job tasks, projected wages and employment, and links to college and degree options that provide the required training.

Employment Security Department

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Education Research & Data Center

Browse by career industry, field of study, degree type, or Washington college/university to compare graduates’ average yearly wages ranging from 1-7 years after graduation.

MySkills MyFuture

Research new career options by connecting your transferable skills from a previous or current job to new occupations. Compare wages, duties, and training.


Ver 950+ ocupaciones para aprender sobre capacitación en el trabajo y tecnología, recomendaciones sobre conocimiento, y mucho mas.

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Career Bridge

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Employment Security Department

Compare levels of occupational-specific demand across each county in Washington.

MiProximoPaso (español)

Ver los campos de empleo con panorama prospero de crecimiento rapido a nivel nacional.

Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges

Compare Washington’s supply of graduates against occupational demand by career field, degree type, and location.


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View employment fields with a bright outlook and rapid growth at the national level.

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