What is the CARE Team?

The CARE Team is a behavior intervention team (BIT) that promotes student academic, emotional, and physical well-being and addresses safety concerns. The CARE Team consists of Walla Walla Community College personnel with expertise in student affairs, instruction, mental health, disability services, campus safety, student conduct, and college operations.

For more information about the CARE Team, or to report a concern, email [email protected]. You can also report a concern using this form.

What are the goals of the CARE Team?

  • To foster student academic, emotional, and physical well-being
  • To support faculty and staff in their work with students
  • To promote campus safety
  • To honor and support institutional values:
    learning opportunities, sense of community, diversity, health and humor, excellence, integrity, teamwork, innovation, personal and professional growth, and sustainability
  • To develop and enhance campus communication associated with the Care team mission

How does the CARE Team operate?

The team meets weekly during the academic year and more often if needed, and we review concerns that have been submitted to the Team. The information is kept confidential, and the Team maintains strict adherence to FERPA, ADA guidelines, WAC, and recommendations from the Assistant Attorney General. The Team discusses student cases, assesses for safety, identifies and refers student to appropriate resources, develops interventions or action plans. Depending on the situation, other faculty or staff with specific knowledge or responsibility may be called upon to assist the team. The team may also consult other individuals and community partners as needed.

CARE Team Members

  • Margarita Banderas, Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, co-chair
  • Emma Carpenter, Business Technical Faculty/Counselor, co-chair
  • Paris Davis, Faculty Counselor
  • Tracy Klem, interim Director of Security & Environmental Health and Safety
  • Heather Markwalter, Student Affairs Coordinator/Retention Specialist
  • Chad Miltenberger, Dean of the Clarkston Campus/Student Conduct Officer
  • Caley Moyer, Faculty Counselor (Disability Support Services resource)
  • Nadine Stecklein, Director of Student Life

What should I report?

The CARE Team is a comprehensive group that combines information about academic, emotional and physical health to create a more accurate picture of how a student is doing, with a goal of providing support to facilitate success. Submitting a report does not automatically start emergency/crisis response, a sexual misconduct process, an investigation, or a formal grievance.

However, based on the information you share, the College may take some immediate action to ensure that our community members are safe and supported.

Signs that a student needs additional support may include:

  • Changes in academic performance, missing classes, deadlines, falling behind.
  • Concerning behavior or any change in the person that makes you feel uncomfortable, uneasy or worried that something is out of character.
  • Changes in routine, withdrawing socially, excessive drinking or drug use, aggressive or out of control actions.
  • Talking about harming themselves or others.

*This list is not comprehensive. If you are worried about a student, please submit a CARE report so the Team can assist.*

For emergency and after-hours situations call 911, or from a campus phone dial 9-911 and call Security at 509-526-SAFE (7233).