Kenia PinedaKenia Pineda

WWCC Sexual Assault Victim’s Advocate (Bilingual – Se habla espanol)

Located in Advising & Counseling (Main Bldg. D) 133Q

cell phone: (509) 876-6235 or YWCA phone: (509) 525-2570
or YWCA Crisis Line (509) 529-9922
email: [email protected]


Kenia is an employee of the YWCA and our on-campus Sexual Assault Victim’s Advocate at Walla Walla Community College. Kenia’s role is to provide access to free, comprehensive, confidential, advocacy services to all students, regardless of your gender identity, who may have experienced sexual misconduct or assault. Advocacy services may include providing:

  • Information, education, and support
  • Crisis intervention in-person or over-the-phone
  • Informing students about law enforcement and Title IX reporting options*
  • Supporting a survivor seeking medical services such as a forensic exam
  • Assistance with obtaining protection orders
  • Referral to counseling or additional services needed

* YWCA Advocates encourage survivors to make their own decisions regarding seeking legal help or reporting a crime.


Kenia is also available to assist faculty/staff with providing education in classrooms on topics such as consent, healthy relationships, domestic violence and sexual assault.



Advocates are not required to report to the WWCC Title IX Administrator. Information disclosed to an Advocate remains confidential, but may be released under the following exceptions:

1. With your written authorization for the release of information.
2. If there is a serious threat of harm to yourself or others.
3. When there is reasonable cause to believe that a child or vulnerable adult is being or has been abused or neglected.
4. When a court of appropriate jurisdiction issues a court order for your case record.



Please call Kenia directly at (509) 876-6235 or email [email protected] to make an appointment. You can also call the YWCA main office at (509) 525-2570 and ask to speak to Kenia. If you are in crisis or require services outside of office hours call the YWCA crisis line at (509) 529-9922.