Parking at Walla Walla Community College Campuses is provided free of charge and open on a first come first serve basis with the following exceptions:

  • Any parking space that is marked either with a handicapped symbol painted on the ground or a handicapped accessible sign on a post in front of the parking space, is reserved at all times for vehicles displaying either a handicapped parking hang tang or a vehicle license plate with the correct handicapped accessible designation.
  • Any space that is marked State Vehicle Only, is reserved at all times for State of Washington designated vehicles with a State of Washington exempt license plate.
  • Vehicles may only park in designated carpool parking Monday – Friday from 6am until 12pm with a valid Carpool Permit that has been issued by Campus Safety and Security. The permit is valid only for the specific academic quarter that it was issued in. The permit does not automatically renew. Carpool parking is available without the required permit anytime outside of Monday – Friday from 6am – 12pm.
  • Vehicles are never authorized to park or idle in any space, area or along any curb that is designated as a fire lane.
  • Vehicles are never authorized to park in any area that is designated as a no parking area or on any non-parking surface such as on sidewalks, grassy areas or athletic playing fields.
  • Vehicles are never authorized to park or run idle in any area that would block or impede the flow of traffic to include roadways, driveways, loading areas, parking loops etc.
  • Vehicles are never authorized to double park or occupy more than one parking space at any given time.
  • Vehicles are never authorized to park in such a manner that the vehicle blocks or prohibits another vehicle from being moved.

Walla Walla Community College Campus Safety and Security is responsible for parking enforcement measures on all property owned by Walla Walla Community College. To increase compliance with parking on Walla Walla Community College property, Campus Safety and Security issues parking citations for the following offenses.

  • Violation of Handicapped Parking
  • Violation of Fire Lane
  • Violation Carpool Only Parking
  • Violation Parking in a No Parking Area
  • Violation Double Parking
  • Violation Blocking Access
  • Violation Parking in State Vehicle Only Parking

Parking Citations maybe appealed by completing a Parking Citation Appeal form at the Campus Safety and Security Office within 5 business days of receiving the citation. Appeals will not be accepted after the 5th day. Results of appeals may include denial of appeal, reduction in fine or approval of appeal and dismal of parking citation.

Parking Citations should be paid to the Cashiers office located in the main building. Parking Citations that are paid within 2 business days of receiving the citation will be granted a 50% discount.

Failure to pay a citation will initially result in a “HOLD” being placed on your student account, which means that you will not be allowed access to transcripts, grades, registration, or other Walla Walla Community College academic processes.

Once a vehicle has received 3 unpaid parking citations, Campus Safety and Security may apply a vehicle-booting device to immobilize the vehicle. The vehicle boot can only be removed by Campus Safety and Security once documentation has been provided that all current parking citations have been paid in full and an additional $25.00 vehicle boot fee has been paid.

If a vehicle becomes eligible to be booted for a 2nd time under the same circumstances as described above, the same process will occur, however a $50.00 vehicle boot fee will be assessed.

Any questions or concerns regarding the information provided above should be sent to the Director of Campus Safety and Security for Walla Walla Community College at [email protected] or by calling 509.527.4563.