Lost and Found Procedure

Items that have been lost or found by students, staff and visitors are to be reported to the Campus Safety and Security Desk, located in Building D of the Walla Walla campus, or to the Business Office on the Clarkston campus.

Campus Safety and Security reserves the right to refuse certain lost and found items due to space limitations and health and safety concerns. Items that will not be accepted at the lost and found include, but are not limited to: certain articles of clothing, personal hygiene items, and food or perishable items.

  • Each found item is numbered and logged with a description of the item, the location where the item was found, and the date of receipt. Every attempt will be made to return items with identification to their rightful owners in a timely manner.
  • Lost item reports will be logged with a description of the item, the owner’s name and their contact information. If the item is found, the owner will be contacted to claim their item.
  • Upon receipt of their item, a “Found Property Release Form” will be filled out and signed by the owner of the item and a Campus Safety and Security staff member.

Items that have not been picked up prior to five business days after the end of each quarter will be considered unclaimed and will be disposed of accordingly. The following guidelines are used for the disposal of unclaimed items:

Item Description Storage/Donation Directive
Book bags, clothing, shoes, cell phones, glasses, purses, wallets, jewlery, etc. Charity (i.e. Goodwill, Blue Mountain Humane Society, etc.)
Cash WWCC Foundation
Computer disks, USB drives, calculators, textbooks, school supplies,
TRiO/Opportunity Grant (personal information is deleted prior to these items being donated)
Contraband Reported to the Walla Walla Police Department
Food, alcohol, food and drink containers, etc. Due to health and safety concerns, these items are not held and are disposed of immediately
Prescription Medications The owner of the pharmacy is contacted immediately
Any questions should be directed to the Office of Campus Safety and Security by calling 509.526.SAFE (7233).