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General Information about Walla Walla Community College’s Emergency Alert System

Walla Walla Community College uses an automated system to send current students, and staff – and members of the public who create an account – emergency alerts related to safety and weather. This system is called “School Messenger.”

The alerts can be sent via email, phone calls, or via texting.


The email addresses we use for staff and students are generated by Walla Walla Community College. Members of the public provide the email address they wish to use when they create their School Messenger account.

Phone Calls

The phone numbers we use (for voice calls) come from the college’s payroll system(staff) or student management system (students). The student’s evening phone is used for voice calls.


Texting requires recipient approval. In December of 2013, one “opt in” request was sent to every then-active student and staff member. Using the following phone numbers

  • Staff – Cell phone (if any) in the payroll system
  • Student – “Day phone” in the student management system

If that message was ignored, no text messages will be sent to that phone, unless the individual later “opts in.”

Individuals can also “opt out” of receiving text messages.

If an individual obtains a new cell phone number and updates the payroll or student management system, the system will send an opt in message to that new number.

Text Opt In

Anyone can opt in to receiving emergency text messages to any cell phone, by texting “Y” or “Yes” to 68453 from the cell phone on which you wish to receive emergency texted texts from Walla Walla Community College.

Text Opt Out

Anyone can opt out of receiving emergency text messages to any cell phone by texting “N” or “STOP” to 68453 from the cell phone on which you no longer wish to receive emergency-related texts from Walla Walla Community College.

Update Your Information



Please check and update your contact information we use “Day Phone” for texting and evening phone for voice mail. To view/update your mailing address and phone numbers, click here.

We send emergency alert emails to the email the college provided for your use. You can allow emails sent to your college-provided email address to be forwarded to a personal email account in myWWCC. See the profile settings under your name in myWWCC.



In addition to ensure your cell phone is updated in the payroll system, you can opt in to receive text messages on that phone at any time, by texting “Y” or “YES” to 68543.


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You can sign up or opt out of receiving alerts from Walla Walla Community College by creating an account, click here.

Your account will remain active for 360 days, and you will receive reminder emails 30, 15 and 2 days before the year is up. If you would like your account to remain active, you must login at least once a year to keep your account active and receiving the weather and emergency related alerts.



  • What if I change my phone?
    • You can update your phone number on our website at any time and you will receive a new opt-in message OR you can text the word YES to short code 68543 to opt in any time.
  • What if I want to opt out?
    • Text STOP to short code 68543.
  • What if I ignored the opt-in text message and I do want to opt-in now?
    • Text the word YES to short code 68543.
  • Is this going to cost me money?
    • That is dependent on your cell phone service provider.

For Parents and Community Members

SchoolMessenger offers a self sign-up feature for parents and community members who are interested in receiving text and email alerts for emergency notifications and campus closures.

Visit the SchoolMessenger webpage and click “Sign Up Now” to get started.