I have been enrolled from the class waitlist, now what?

  • Keep and attend the class in which case you need to pay.
  • Drop the class online or by visiting the Office of Admissions and Records (OAR ? Bldg D, Rm 136).
  • Ask questions about the waitlist by visiting OAR, or by contacting them at 509.527.4283.

Waitlist Procedure

(State law prohibits any student from sitting in a waitlisted class)

Proposed new procedure
  • Once a class becomes full, a waitlist is automatically opened for classes which have approved wait lists. Note: not all classes have waitlists. Students have the option to be added to a waitlist and are added in chronological order (first come, first served).
  • Once on a waitlist, it is the student’s responsibility to track the waitlist status. Students can check the web for any waitlist changes and take themselves off of waitlists for classes they no longer want. Go to myWWCC, select “Manage my Waitlist”.
  • Once a class has an active waitlist, all registration activity for that class stops. As seats become available, waitlisted students are registered into available class openings from the waitlist in chronological order.
  • Students have 24 hours following registration into a class fromt he waitlist to pay for the class if it after the tuition due date. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor their status and pay any additional fees. Students are also responsible for making sure their schedule is accurate by dropping any unwanted classes. Failure to do so may result in a failing grade being posted to their transcript and possible additional tuition fees.
  • Waitlists will continue to be active until the Friday of the first week of the quarter.
Currently in our course schedule

When you put your name on the wait list for a class that is already full, if space becomes available up through the fifth day of the quarter, you will automatically be enrolled in this class based on your position on the wait list. Pay for this class within 24 hours if you rolled in after the tuition due date. Drop the class is you do not want to take it. Be sure to check your computer schedule every day for the first six days of the quarter to see if you are enrolled in your “wait list” course. If a wait list exists, the instructor must take all students preceding you on the wait list. Wait lists do not exist for Washington Online (WAOL) distance learning courses. If you are attempting to register for a WAOL course that is closed because it has reached full capacity, continue trying to register. Spaces become available as students drop courses or if another course section is added.