Mission Fulfillment Review

Established in 2022, the program Mission Fulfillment Review process is designed to connect the college’s Mission, Vision, and strategic goals to program processes and planning. This process includes the use of program data (including disaggregated data), where available, and other valuable college processes (e.g., equity action plans referenced above), to eliminate redundancy and support programs in making evidence-informed decisions related to program improvement.

The review cycle includes an annual program reporting process, known as Standardized Evaluation of Programs & Services (STEPS), that feeds into a comprehensive five-year Mission Fulfillment Review that uses information collected in the annual STEPS report to incrementally inform the larger program review. Both the STEPS report and Mission Fulfillment Review processes are unique in that they can be equitably applied to all areas of the college, including instructional programs, student services, and college operations, and are designed to assist each area in measuring progress toward mission fulfillment. Each process is informed by data and encourages action, including resource allocation, aligned with the college’s Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan.


Four STEPS (or four years’ worth of data) leads each college program or service to a five-year Mission Fulfillment Review that includes a summary of information collected from annual STEPS reports (above) over a four-year period, in addition to the assessment of the following areas:

Internal Community

  • Human Resources
  • Infrastructure – Facilities & Technology

External Community

  • Community Engagement

Summary of Action Plans from STEPS

What’s a “Program?”

A “program” is an area of the college that holistically uses or creates resources. This is a subjective determination and college executive leadership is responsible for determining what programs are within their divisions for the purposes of Mission Fulfillment Review and STEPS reporting. The schedule below lists the programs as they are currently understood.


All college programs are reviewed in a five-year cycle, informed by four years of STEPS reporting. A model schedule of programs is presented below, with the most recent, approved schedule available here (coming soon).



Detailed procedures for the Mission Fulfillment Review and STEPS are available from this page and on the colleges policy and procedures website. The document provides an itemized list of the steps involved and can be used along with the information on this website to guide your approach.

When you are ready to report according to the most recent schedule, please download the Mission Fulfillment Review report template, fill it out, save it as a PDF, and upload the completed report by June 30. Please note that until a final schedule is posted, programs are not required to undertake the Mission Fulfillment process. Please see your Dean or Vice President for further details.

Please contact Institutional Research & Effectiveness if you have any remaining questions.